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Corporate and Social Responsibility

Enotria&Coe is set to become the market-leading drinks distributor. With over 250 employees, 300 suppliers and over 4200 customers, we source and supply wines and spirits from all over the world.

As we continue to grow, we have become increasingly aware of the responsibility we have to encourage and develop best practice. As a large business in the wine and spirits industry, we understand that we need to ensure that our impact on society and the environment is as positive as possible.

We believe in maintaining the balance between running a successful business and working towards a happy and healthy environment.

Our Environment

The biggest impact on the environment from our warehouse is the huge amount of waste cardboard and plastic that is removed after shipping. Initially, we threw all of this waste into big recycling bins that we keep on-site, however we soon found that they were filling up much quicker than they could be emptied. It was our warehouse supervisor, Carl, who found the solution in the form of two clever machines that crush all of our cardboard and plastic waste into neat little cubes, which are collected and re-used to make yet more cardboard boxes, plastic bags and cling film.

Ways we try to reduce our impact on the environment from our office and warehouse:


• All our office and meeting room lighting is on sensors so that we’re not wasting our energy lighting up unused spaces.
• Our warehouse has skylights that mean during the sunnier months we can dim the normal lighting and make the most of some natural light.


• The ground source heating provides us with enough hot water for showers and heating the entire building.
• We’ve also invested in some efficient Dyson hand driers that use minimal amounts of energy and avoid wasting paper towels.
• The building is also fully insulated and double glazed so our energy wastage is greatly reduced.


• In the warehouse we have an intelligent ventilation system that recycles the cold night air to keep the area cool during the day in summertime.
• In the offices we have Mitsubushi air conditioning units with “Hyper Eco Cores”, making the system much more energy efficient.


• We’ve recently renewed our recycling policy for our staff to split all rubbish from glass to cardboard, aluminium and different types of plastic.


With customers as far flung as the Hebrides, our distribution team faces constant challenges to keep our mileage - and therefore our carbon footprint - as low as possible. 

The introduction of Paragon (a van routing system) has reduced our mileage by 15% in the last year, but we are still searching for ways to make our UK deliveries even more efficient and even more green.

Responsible Drinking

One of the ways in which we encourage responsibility is in our allegiance with the charity drinkaware; we sponsor their campaigns to reduce excessive drinking in young people through to adulthood.  We highly recommend their alcohol unit and calorie counter as a useful tool to monitor your alcohol intake along with your meals - a number that is overlooked in many a food diary.

Our in-house designed wine lists focus on providing quality in the glass over quantity, and we encourage our customers to include information on units and ABV wherever possible. 

We believe it is important not just to let consumers know how many units they are drinking, but how these amounts can have a negative effect on their health.  This is why we also strive to include responsible drinking warnings on as many of our products as possible. 

The Sustainable Restaurant Association

As part of our commitment to sustainability, we are an approved supplier on the SRA website:  The SRA brings together like-minded restaurants, distributors and suppliers to a community that cares for their environment and believes in their “Food Made Good” ethos.