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  • 19 Tre Bicchieri wines for Enotria

    3-glassesThe Gambero Rosso is widely recognised to be Italy’s foremost annual wine guide. Each year its tireless editors scour the length of the land tasting exhaustively from with over 2,256 producers. The fruits of their labours are: over 18,000 wine rated each and every year. and Italian wine aficionados alike devour the latest edition in search of its newest stars. The wine rating system it uses is refreshingly simple: Wines are given zero, one or two ‘glasses’ according two quality. The best ‘two glasses’ wines go forward to a taste-off. This year there were 1,500 wines in this competition, of which a mere 305 won the highest award, the coveted Three Glasses (tre bicchieri in Italian). Here are 16 of them, along with the Gambero Rosso notes for each. Anselmi, Capitel Croce IGT 2006 100% Garganega “Capitel Croce 06 has a smooth and delicate profile. It melds together fruit elements, florality and minerality and the effect on the palate is simultaneously intense and refined: a tre bicchieri award of great class and purity of flavours.” Feudi di San Gregorio Greco di Tufo Cutizzi 2007 100% Greco “Greco di Tufo Cutizzi is a wine of class and substance which has been showing a stronger terroir identity over the years. The 2007 vintage is both exuberant and sober with peach, pineapple and cider notes well combined with sage and anise flavours. The palate manages to be simultaneously docile and persuasive on the one hand, and characteristic of the Irpinia region’s sometimes wild energy on the other.” Umani Ronchi, Plenio DOC 2005 100% Verdicchio “Plenio Verdicchio 2005 has once again been given the tre bicchieri award. The wine shows a full palate and a creamy texture where the wood is perfectly dosed and does not get in the way of the wine’s brilliant savouriness.” Jermann, W…Dreams..IGT 2006 100% Chardonnay “Jermann is one of the confirmed leaders in the region and one of its top wines is the splendid Chardonnay, better knows as Dreams. The wine has a creamy texture with citrus flavours and a palate with full notes of yellow peach and passion fruit.” San Valentino, Terra di Covignano Riserva IGT 2005 100% Sangiovese “This Sangiovese has always been intensely enjoyable and it continues to be so in the new vintage. Terre di Covignano 2005 is rich and full of character without losing its finesse. The ripe, almost ethereal fruit is clear on the nose and the palate is fragrant with a juicy finish. A perfect balance and a well-deserved tre bicchieri award.” Poliziano, Asinone DOCG 2005 100% Sangiovese “This year’s tre bicchieri award is Poliziano’s 20th, earning it two stars and meaning that it now has a firmly entrenched position in the Who’s Who of Italian wine. The first in class is always Nobile di Montepulciano Asinone, but what is impressive is the overall quality of the whole range.” Barone Ricasoli, Casalferro IGT 2005 50% Sangiovese 50% Merlot “Casalferro 05 shows a very broad spectrum of aromas. It is intense in its black berry notes and spices, firm and deep on the palate and well balanced in its very enjoyable savouriness.” 8. Castello di Fonterutoli, Siepi IGT 2005 50% Sangiovese 50% Merlot “Whilst the nose is fresh and inviting with gorgeous balsamic notes, forest fruits, hints of vanilla and cinnamon, this wine really begins to give its best on the palate. The structure is almost creamy in its softness thanks to very fine tannins. The finish is alive, vibrant and complex and continues to be so long after the wine has been swallowed.” Santadi Terre Brune DOC 2004 90% Carignano 10% Bovaleddu “Terre Brune 04 shows an intense nose with preserved fruit and mineral notes. The palate is warm and powerful and is enhanced by vibrant balancing acidity, which adds up to great finesse. Perfumed notes on the finish give a high class rating to this wine.” Agricola Punica Barrua 2005 85% Carignano 10% Cabernet Sauvignon 5% Merlot “A great Mediterranean wine with outstanding notes on the nose, from ripe red fruits to sweet spices and tobacco. The palate is perfectly in tune with the nose and has a smooth impact well balanced with tannins. Taste progression is very good thanks to the freshness and the clean and dynamic finish. Tre bicchieri award very well deserved.” Mandrarossa Cartagho 2006 100% Nero d’Avola “Perfectly on time, the winery has won tre bicchieri for its 50th anniversary: Carthago 2006 fully deserves this award. This is a deep Nero d’Avola with beautiful notes of chocolate, black cherry, nutmeg and a palate which is smooth, rich and with persistent tannins. In short, a top grade wine.” Planeta, Santa Cecilia IGT 2006 100% Nero d’Avola “Planeta scores its 19th tre bicchieri award thanks to this splendid Santa Cecilia 06, a voluptuous Nero d’Avola. This is a result that a very few companies can boast in less than 15 years.” Nino Negri, Sfursat DOC 2005 100% Chiavennasca “Sfursat 05 wins again thanks its inimitable elegance. It shows complex notes of berries and cyclamen on the nose, followed by a dry, layered, palate shot through with a vein of vibrant acidity.” La Spinetta Pin DOC 2006 65% Nebbiolo 35% Barbera d’Asti Superiore Bionzo “Magnificent and harmonious are the watchwords for Monferrato Rosso Pin 2006: a tre bichieri award for an excellent Nebbiolo/Barbera blend.” Conterno Fantino Barolo Vigna del Gris DOCG 2004 100% Nebbiolo “Everything a great Barolo should be: it has finesse, power, complexity, length and a dense weave of well balanced tannins. A brilliant wine from a vintage which lives up to expectations.” Fontanafredda, Barolo Vigna La Rosa DOCG 2004 100% Nebbiolo “Vigna La Rosa towers magnificently over the other Fontanafredda Barolos in 2004. Its bouquet evokes its noble heritage with mature tones of liquorice and fine tobacco. The final result is a wine of excellent harmony and generosity: a very high class tre bicchieri award” [local /wp-content/uploads/2009/02/analytical-chemist.flv nolink]

  • Ninquen reviewed in The Wine Advocate

    ninquen1 Jay Miller of Robert Parker's famous Wine Advocate is heftily impressed by Ninquen 2005... “The 2005 Ninquen Mountain Vineyard is 100% Cabernet Sauvignon aged for 22 months in 80% new French and American oak and bottled without fining or filtration. Opaque purple-colored, it offers up aromas of pain grille, earth notes, allspice, black currant, and blackberry liqueur. This is followed by a slightly brooding, layered, structured wine with ample ripe fruit, outstanding depth and concentration, savory flavors, and a lengthy finish... 90/100"

  • Matthew Jukes on Clancy's Red 2006

    clancys11Mr Jukes is impressed... "The famous Shiraz / Cab is tempered here with a dash of merlot, which rounds out the palate and brings a lusty, juicy feel to this delicious red wine. Clancy's has never looked better, and Lehmann's continues its unbroken run of excellence." More about the wine here.

  • Ascheri Barbera in the Sunday Telegraph

    ascheriGiles Kime waxes lyrical about Matteo Ascheri's delicious Barbera 2006 "This delicious example offers deep, palate warming flavours, perfect for similarly cockle-warming favourites such as beef stews. Alternatively, try with pheasant, rabbit, or a plate of decent salami."

  • Jamie Goode on Iona Sauvignon Blanc

    iona2Jamie Goode of is suitably impressed by Iona's Sauvignon Blanc..."A really fine, elegant South African Sauvignon. It has a very pure, minerally nose with delicate, subtly herbal, gently grassy fruit. The palate is really pure and minerally with some savoury, cut pepper notes, but also a bit of lemony fruit. It’s quite subtle but full flavoured, and would be great with a wide range of different foods, especially a really fresh, simply prepared grilled sea bass. This is one of the best South African Sauvignons I’ve yet tried. 90/100"

  • Brian Howard, Wine Intelligence

    “ The way in which Enotria have taken the findings from their Market Research and applied it to growing wine sales is the most impressive execution I have witnessed in the industry” Brian Howard, Wine Intelligence

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