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Monthly Archives: March 2010

  • Bore-deaux

    The whole wine trade it seems has gone Bordeaux mad. In the wake of two very average vintages there, the prospect of a good or even great quality 2009 crop has had every merchant and many (but not all) commentators falling over themselves to tweet and blog their admiration for these nascent wines. It's not surprising I suppose; Bordeaux is the world's most famous wine region, and still accounts for a huge proportion of so-called 'fine wine' sales. Its historical association with the UK wine trade means the names Lafite, Latour and Margaux have an impossibly romantic resonance here. The sad part of it, as journalist Anthony Rose points out in his blog, is "Neither you nor I will ever be able to afford to buy, let alone drink, these wines... It's true that they're not made for mere mortals. " So the 'sport' of following the primeurs circus becomes something akin to visiting an up-market estate agent to view a whole range of properties which one knows one will never have the slightest chance of owning. And at the same time knowing that all but a small handful are sinfully over-inflated in price anyway. Call me a spoil-sport, but I'd rather get back to the two-up two-down wines that I can actually afford to buy, and to drink.

  • Agent Bauer drops in

    Quartz Reef winemaker Rudi Bauer (as dynamic as his namesake Jack but with better social skills) dropped into Park Royal last week, a teeny bit jet-lagged but clutching two interesting objects: A winemaker of the year nomination, and a rock. [flv: 300 200]

  • Ser Lapo - 5 stars in Decanter

    Ser Lapo, the latest Chianti from Fonterutoli, has just received the highest award - 5 stars - in Decanter Magazine. This is a fantastic result for such a well-priced chianti. The panel described it as 'Savoury, vegetal, nutty, smoky nose. Great power, with leathery notes on the palate. A robust, gripping, serious red." Find out more about the wine here:

  • Lehmann Vintage Report

    This just in from Andrew Wigan, Chief Winemaker at Peter Lehmann Wines in the Barossa: "The 2010 vintage commenced at Peter Lehmann Wines on February 4 and was completed by March 26 apart from the botrytis Semillon which hangs for a few weeks longer. The vintage was preceded by good winter and spring rains but an unusually hot period of weather in November affected flowering in some varieties resulting in particularly small crops of Grenache and Chardonnay. Overall, the crop level is average to just below average – but quality is excellent. The combination of a short burst of heat in late January/early February and a smaller crop caused a number of varieties to ripen at the same time making 2010 a very compressed vintage. However the weather settled down and was warm and stable throughout February and March. The white wines show excellent colour, fruit flavour and delicacy with Riesling and Semillon the early standouts. The reds show great colour and concentration with Shiraz appearing to be at the top of the pile, however Cabernet, Grenache, Merlot and Tempranillo are not far behind. It is still early days but at this stage the winemakers are very excited."

  • Mount Langi Ghiran

    'Langi', located in Victoria to the north west of Melbourne, is most famous for its Shiraz, but also does a mean Pinot Grigio! Set in the dramatic scenery of the Grampian mountains, their signature wine is the Langi Shiraz - one of Australia's finest - and whose most recent release, the 2005, looks set to win scores of awards.

  • Support our Chilean growers and their families

    In the recent earthquake in Chile, many of our producer's families were affected. Mercifully, there was no loss of life amongst the Montgras teams, but many houses or properties were damaged or destroyed. These take time and of course money to replace. Here is Gonzalo from MontGras describing the current situation with the winery and the team there. [flv: 300 200] Here at Enotria, we're pleased to offer help towards the rebuilding costs: with every six pack of De Gras Reserva wines sold, we will donate £1 to MontGras' families for this cause. Wines which qualify for this are the following: Whites Chardonnay Reserva 2007 Sauvignon Blanc 2008 Reserva Viognier Reserva 2009 Red Merlot Reserva 2007 Cabernet Sauvignon Reserva 2008 Carmenere Reserva 2008

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