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Monthly Archives: March 2011

  • Lunch at the Weighbridge

    Lily has been to see Peter Lehmann... Lunch at the Weighbridge "The Weighbridge is a special part of the history of Peter Lehmann Wines. It is the tiny brick building which sits in the middle of the thoroughfare between the winery and the road - half given over to the weighing of the grapes brought in by the growers and the other an area for entertaining or a well earned rest. It was here that Peter used to meet with his growers in the early days - consolidating their relationship and have a good old natter. Aileen - Peter Lehmann's chefWhen we visited, the lovely Aileen (cook/gardner extraordinaire at Lehmann) laid on a hearty lunch of homemade bread and Barossa fare (delicious smoked meats, cheeses and pickles amongst other things) for us and the winemakers eager for much needed sustenance. The tricky nature of the vintage meant it was a fleeting visit but nonetheless an insight in to busy vintage life as well as taking part in an important element of the Lehmann heritage - plus we witnessed a timely delivery of some very fragrant Shiraz, perhaps even some of Stonewell 2011??

  • Sign the wall

    At our Annual Tasting on March 7th, we asked all our producers to sign a giant canvas we'd prepared. Here they are doing it in double quick time! [flv: 300 200]

  • Huge Champagne bottle - the winner!

    Tam White - winner of our prize drawAt our annual tasting, we asked all our visitors to fill in a short feedback form, telling us what they liked at the tasting and why. As an incentive to do this, we offered the chance to win a HUGE bottle of Champagne Jacquart. It's a Nebuchadnezzar - 15 litres of the fizzy stuff! The lucky winner drawn at random from the hundreds of replies is Tam White, from the Food Company, Witham, in Essex. Tam, handle that bottle with care! Now all you have to do is find 120 glasses to pour it into for your friends! Congratulations, and a big thank you to everyone who gave us their very valuable feedback.

  • Carrick - Passion for Pinot

    The extremely affable Steve Green of Central Otago producers Carrick joined us last week for our Annual Tasting and roadshow. Here's Steve explaining just what makes this corner of New Zealand unique, and which of his wines is the best guide to what Carrick do. [flv: 300 200]

    Browse the Carrick wines here.

  • Ken Forrester Petit Chenin

  • Heartland Dolcetto Lagrein 2009

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