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Monthly Archives: October 2012

  • Cuarto Dominio joins enotria

    Enotria is very pleased to introduce a new Argentine producer to our portfolio.

    Bodega Cuarto Dominio is run by Javier Catena, fourth generation member of the family that has done so much to promote quality wine in Argentina.

    In 2006 Javier’s father Jorge Catena sold his shares in the family winery and kept the vineyards he considered the finest in order to pursue a smaller wine project. Cuarto Dominio is the result.

    Enotria will be launching 4 wines from their stable; all Malbec-based and all blended with a small percentage of a very unique Cabernet Franc from the family vineyard in La Consulta, Uco Valley.

    Cuarto Dominio, the top wine, comes from two small and unique blocks totalling just over 3 hectares in the San Carlos vineyard, at 900 metres above sea level.

    Enotria’s buyer for Argentina, Harriet Kininmonth, says

    “Argentina is a vibrant, fast-growing category for us. We looked at around 40 different wines with a panel of tasters to identify the most suitable addition to the range. Cuarto Dominio won on both price and quality at all levels. It’s great to be supporting a member of the Catena dynasty and we look forward to a successful partnership together. "

    Jorge Catena says

    “My family has produced wines in Mendoza for over 110 years. As 4th generation and President of Bodega Cuarto Dominio I am honoured to be able to share my family’s passion and wines with the UK consumers. We couldn’t think of a better partner than Enotria to represent us in such a competitive and knowledgeable market.”

    The wines will be officially launched to Enotria customers at our Annual Tasting on 26th February 2013.

    For more information on the wines visit

  • Segreta Rosso wine of the week

    David Williams chooses Planeta's La Segreta Rosso as a Wine of the Week in the Observer . He says: "The Planeta family has done more than anyone else to lift the reputation of Sicilian wine. This longstanding classic is an affordable way into their extensive and very smart range – a slick, explosively juicy, pasta-friendly red blend based on the local nero d'avola variety full of ripe red fruit, dark cherry and the faintest twist of typically Italianate bitterness."

  • Long service dinner

    We held a really great celebration on Saturday in honour of our longest serving employees. Many of our staff have clocked up some significant milestones working here, and it was definitely time to have a party with them to celebrate. Duly assembled at London's Bleeding Heart restaurant were sixteen of our longest-serving staff, amassing an incredible 375 years of service between them.


    'Shortest' length of service on the night (all things being relative) was Alan Nordberg who has been selling great wines to the Bath faithful at Great Western Wine's shop since 1997. Longest by far was Baljit Gill who finally stepped down as Customer Services manager back in April after 37 years at Enotria. The dinner group included many from the warehouse, sales teams, order office and Buying department - Sergio raising a glass to his 27 years as Italian buyer.


    Enotria CEO Alison Levett led the toasts at the dinner, and said of the event: "In an era when people increasingly switch jobs from one company to another it is quite humbling that so many Enotria staff have given so much loyalty to our business. I was really proud to be part of our inaugural Long Service dinner and also particularly pleased to welcome and thank many husbands, wives and partners who behind the scenes add their support to Enotria."

  • Tre Bicchieri winners

    As ever at this time of year the Gambero Rosso, Italy's foremost wine publication, releases the coveted 'Tre Bicchieri' (three glasses) awards.  The Gambero Rosso team taste each year over 2300 wines, and this year 402 won the highest distinction. We are very pleased as ever to have a good selection across the whole of Italy winning the Tre Bicchieri for 2013. As the wines are tasted in Italy, many vintages become available to UK customers as the year progresses. Step forward then,

  • Valdobbiadene Extra Dry Giustino B. 2011 Ruggeri 
  • Sforzato di Valtellina Sfursat 5 Stelle 2009 Nino Negri
  • Gavi del comune di Gavi Minaia 2011 Nicola Bergaglio

    and all of the following wines which will be coming into our warehouse over the next few months as we move through vintages:

  • Vino Nobile di Montepulciano 2009 Poliziano
  • Amarone della Valpolicella Classico 2005 Bertani 
  • Lugana Superiore Molceo 2010 Ottella
  • Trento Extra Brut Perlé Nero 2006 Ferrari the tre bicchieri whites

  • Verdicchio dei Castelli di Jesi Classico Superiore Vecchie Vigne 2010 Umani Ronchi 
  • Gravello 2010 – Librandi 
  • Taurasi Piano di Montevergine Riserva 2007 Feudi di San Gregorio 
  • Planeta Chardonnay 2010
  • Carignano del Sulcis Superiore Terre Brune 2008 Cantina Santadi
  • Capo Martino 2010 Jermann 
  • Roero Sudisfà Riserva 2009 Negro

    Congratulations to all the wineries, and we look forward to tasting these delicious wines as they arrive on these shores.

  • It's all in the vines

    Paolo Bisol of the brilliant Prosecco specialists Ruggeri shows how the Cartizze vineyard in Valdobbiadene retains its unique reputation for quality... via some very, very old vines.

  • Oz Clarke's Top wines

    Veteran wine writer and broadcaster Oz Clarke has just published his latest book, entitled 'My Top Wines for 2013'. In it we were delighted to find a hatful of great Enotria wines. Here is an edited selection from Oz's legendary pen...

    Champagne Jacquart Brut Mosaique NV “They call this Mosaique because its made up of different wines from a whole mosaic of vineyards in the two best champagne zones - the Montagne de Reims and the Cotes des Blancs - and most of them are grand cru or premier cru, the top sites. But that's not all. This is a non-vontage wine, and 20 per cent of the blend is of old reserve wines kept back to add richness. Add to that a period of three to four years when the wine lies on its yeast lees, soaking up the creamy softness they exude, and ... well you'll be getting thirsty. But it really works. There are so many mellow flavours flickering in and out of the wine: white breast crust, or is it yeasty dough? Probably both. Baked cream, milk chocolate or creme fraiche? All three. Biscuits, fluffy apples, a friendly foaming cascade of bubbles... very good stuff.”

    Anselmi San Vincenzo 2011 “Anselmi wines have never been better. This is wonderfully original wine, smelling of ripe russet apples, baked pears and savoury custard and tasting of pear and pineapple syrup that rich but doesn't cloy, and is cut by a spritzy tingle and the acid of boiled lemons and russet apple peel.”

    Riesling Reserve Trimbach 2009 “There is a real mineral quality to this Riesling (as indeed there should be), almost a mineral saltiness, and it's ably supported by lime juice, lemon zest and honey: ripeness and Riesling reserve in perfect balance.”

    Iona Sauvignon Blanc 2011 “Iona is one of the most southerly Sauvignon Blanc vineyards in South Africa, its vines getting the full blast of the cold, drizzly winds that swirl about the bottom of the continent. These growing conditions produce good tangy whites, with even a slight spritzy prickle on the tongue, yet the wine is full and ripe, but its ripe green fruit, not tropical ripe: ripe green apples and greengages and the soft citrus chewiness of boiled lemons.”

    Heartland Shiraz 2009 “...the remarkable Limestone Coast flavours are still there: eucalyptus, rosemary, lemon verbena acidity, intense blackcurrant - and these are mixed with a black purple scent, black treale and licorice bittersweet depth from Langhorne Creek. Well worth a try.”

    Yealands Black Label Sauvignon Blanc 2011 “Yealand's vineyards are in the Awatere Valley district of Marlborough. It's cooler and windier down there, and the grapes always retain a really snappy, tangy, green quality but they are not raw. This is an appetizingly ripe wine, but it's a green ripeness, with green apples, green pepper, gooseberries and green-skinned pears, along with scrunched up blackcurrant leaves and a couple of fresh-roasted coffee beans.”

    Crasto Douro Red 2010 “Quinta do Crasto... has mastered the art of making red Douro table wine a thing of beauty, while many of its neighbours continue to overcomplicate and over-oak the stuff. This is an utter delight: scented with jasmine, bulging with ripe black plums, mulberry and blueberry fruit with the merest tug of chewy tannin...”

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