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Monthly Archives: November 2014

  • Ste. Michelle Wine Estates to join the Enotria Portfolio

    Enotria are pleased to announce that Ste. Michelle Wine Estates (SMWE) will be joining the portfolio in January 2015. This addition couldn’t come at a better time, allowing Enotria to capitalise on the growing trend for quality American wines in the UK. SMWE is made up of a series of distinctive wineries which have become a by-word for leadership and quality.

    Troy Christensen, Enotria CEO, said: “SMWE bring with them a diverse and quality portfolio of wine that suits the Enotria business and our growth ambitions – we’re look forwarding to working in partnership to achieve great results. What appealed to us is the forward-thinking nature of the SMWE business. They are true pioneers and the breadth and depth of their offering is truly exceptional. The portfolio gives us flexibility through the brand hierarchy – providing an opportunity to over-index and over-deliver in the US and more specifically the Washington State category.”

    Enotria will be representing the following brands from the SMWE portfolio; Stag’s Leap Wine Cellars (Napa Valley), Chateau Ste. Michelle, Columbia Crest, Red Diamond, Two Vines, 14 Hands (all Washington State) and Erath (Oregon).

    “We are delighted to partner with Enotria,” says Ted Baseler, President and CEO of Ste. Michelle Wine Estates. “We know Enotria will be a valuable partner as we look to expand our presence in the UK for our portfolio of ultra-premium winery estates.”

    From Washington State’s short, warm summers and sparse soils, to the cooler climate and mineral-rich soil of the Willamette Valley, not forgetting the complex soils and long, hot summers of the Napa Valley, SMWE’s principal commitment is to crafting wines that speak of the place from which they hail, and that are true to varietal expression. Stag’s Leap Wine Cellars is one of the undisputed icons of the Napa Valley and adds extra allure to an already stellar portfolio.

    This collection of estate wineries represents some of the best wines in the world and each estate has a unique winemaking philosophy, with a focus on provenance.

    This is the latest in a series of high profile producers who have joined Enotria in recent months; d’Arenberg, Burch Family Wines and Les Vignobles André Lurton. This is testament to the company’s drive, market knowledge and focused sales and marketing approach.

  • 90+Parker points for Ferrari

    Robert Parker’s website has awarded Ferrari’s flagship sparkling wine Giulio Ferrari Riserva del Fontatore 95 points – an outstanding achievement. Reviewer Monica Larner wrote:

    “In the world of Italian sparkling wine, Ferrari stands alone in terms of overall quality and consistency. The top wine, the Giulio Ferrari Riserva del Fontatore, is often a masterpiece and this latest release from the 2001 vintage is no exception.”

    The full review is below, along with the tasting notes for two other 90+ ‘Parker Point’ wines from Ferrari’s Perlé range:

    2001 Trento Metodo Classico Brut Ferrari Riserva del Fontatore

    “A pure expression of delicious Chardonnay, the 2001 Trento Metodo Classico Brut Ferrari Riserva del Fontatore is a wine of enormous importance and sophistication. The bouquet peels back slowly to reveal rich tones of stone fruit, candied orange peel, toasted almond, brioche and dusty mineral. Fruit is sourced from the Lunelli family’s oldest vineyard, Maso Pianizza. A creamy mouthfeel is followed by seamless integration of fruit flavours and balanced acidity. This sparkler will be best enjoyed five years or more from now.” Oct 2014, Monica Larner, 95 points.

    SKU 86416101

    2007 Ferrari Trento Metodo Classico Brut Perlé Rosé

    “The 2007 Ferrari Trento Metodo Classico Brut Perlé Rosé is made with Chardonnay and Pinot Nero. This rose-colored sparkler opens to a beautiful aromatic intensity with dried cranberries, cassis, toasted almond and white cherry. This bottle was disgorged in 2013. The mouthfeel is tonic and tight with a great sense of fullness, aged complexity and refreshing acidity at the back.” Oct 2014, Monica Larner, 92 points.

    SKU 86396107

    2006 Ferrari Trento Metodo Classico Perlé Nero Extra Brut

    “An Italian Blanc de Noirs (made with Pinot Nero), the 2006 Trento Metodo Classico Perlé Nero Extra Brut delivers a full bouquet with exotic fruit, citrus, balsam herb, crushed mineral and toasted nut. Yeasty notes add a touch of rich creaminess. You really feel the Pinot Nero in terms of the finesse and sharpness of the mouthfeel.” Oct 2014, Monica Larner, 92 points.

    SKU 86406106

  • Drinks Business: Jacquart's Xmas gift to allergy sufferers

    Even in the luxury world of Champagne, talk of allergens is high on the agenda. Top Champagne houses like Jacquart are now using an oxygen management system known as ‘jetting’ to reduce oxygen intake during disgorgement.

    According to a recent article in the Drinks Business, the reason for oxygen management is two-fold: “when done effectively it will improve consistency, while it will allow the winemaker use less sulphur dioxide (SO2) – a key anti-oxidant, but also a compound that can impart an unpleasant aroma and possibly headaches at high-levels.”

    Jetting introduces a tiny amount of wine into the bottle before corking, encouraging the liquid to foam, therefore removing excess oxygen in the headspace between liquid and cork.

    Jacquart’s winemaker Floriane Eznack says : “We have been studying the impact of oxygen in the whole process up until bottling to make sure there is no variation in the wine’s exposure to oxygen – and all our wineries are now equipped with the jetting system to maximise the homogeneity of the cuvée.”

    It should be noted that Champagne in general has very low levels of sulphur dioxide that fall well below the industry’s accepted levels, however all attempts at reducing the amount will be celebrated by those who are very sensitive to this natural anti-oxidant.

    Winemakers like Jacquart are leading a trend that may mean that sufferers will have a clearer head after a glass or two of fizz this Christmas. 1/3

  • Peter Yealands - the wine trade’s green ex-grocer

    Peter Yealands of Yealands Wine is in the latest issue of Calibre Quarterly, explaining in an article called ‘Sweet Harmony’ the steps that have taken him to fronting one of the world’s ‘greenest’ businesses.

    From the beginnings of his working life as a grocer working for his ‘old man’, to sheep shearing and fencing, Peter has never been a man to shy away from hard work. Later, using brains as well as brawn, Peter took his business acumen to trading hay, then coal, and, when business began to boom, naturally looked for ways of paying less tax. The answer to his prayers came in the form of a government tax incentive scheme available to help fund land development.

    Peter ploughed his hard-earned cash into developing a vineyard simply because wine was “starting to do well at the time.” According to Peter, people initially thought he was crazy, but after a bumper first harvest he was being offered five times what he paid for it.

    After selling further developments to some of the large conglomerates he decided to buy his first property at Seaview in 2001. Peter had never seen himself as a ‘greeny’ but the move seemed to bring about a realisation that what he had been doing previously may not have been the right way for the future:

    “If I wanted to put a road in somewhere”, he says, “ I would just bulldoze straight to it...I never thought that it might have taken 1000 years for a tree to grow, and just 10 minutes for me to take it out.”

    According to the article, it was living in this remote environment that taught Peter the need to ‘go with nature and not to fight it.’ He decided to create a sustainable vineyard due to his new found respect for the land - but also to become ‘four times more energy efficient than the industry average’.

    Peter launched the winery in 2008 with the aim to be the most sustainable winery in the world.

    Nowadays, the winery uses solar and wind power, as well as vineyard cuttings, as sources of renew­able energy.  Peter has also reduced carbon emissions by using a miniature breed of sheep called ‘Babydoll’ to graze in between the rows. The sheep are too small to reach the vines so cannot feast on the hanging grapes, but they help the growing grapes to thrive through their natural fertilisation.

    Yealands is the world’s first winery to be CarbonZero certified from inception and is recipient of multiple awards, including ‘Most Sustainable Business’ at the 2012 International Green Awards. Not only that, Peter’s attention to detail has resulted in wines that are considered best in class, receiving accolades such as ‘Best Sauvignon Blanc in the World’ at the 2012 International Wine Challenge.

    Not bad for an ex-grocer looking for a tax-break!

    The full article can be viewed here






  • Wine Spectator Top 100 for Fowles

    Fowles Wine’s ‘Are you Game?’ Shiraz 2012 has been ranked among the Top 100 wines in America, according to the influential Wine Spectator magazine.

    For over 25 years the editors at Wine Spectator have presented a hand-picked selection of the year’s Top 100 wines, basing their assessments on “quality, value, availability and excitement”.

    This year Enotria are very pleased to announce the inclusion of Fowles Wine, a company that recently celebrated winning 'Best Victorian Tourism Winery' and were inducted into the Victorian Tourism Awards hallowed 'Hall of Fame'.

    The 'Are you Game?' Shiraz 2012 has scooped several awards in 2014, including a Top Gold and Trophy in Australia’s National Wine Show.  This fresh, cool climate style of Australian Shiraz has also been well received by the critics, with James Halliday’s Wine Companion giving the wine 94 points.

    This new recognition is great timing for Fowles as the wine is particularly good with wild foods such as goose, turkey and duck – a popular choice during the upcoming festive season. Let’s raise a glass to that!

  • New World wins at IWSC

    We are proud to announce that two of our producers, Mascota and Yealands have been awarded "Winery of the Year" at the IWSC Awards this Wednesday night.

    Simon Kelly, Megan Watts and Helen MacFarlane from Yealands and Martin from Peñaflor were there to collect the awards with Fraser, Joan and Simon B.

    A huge congratulations to them both!

    We are proud to announce that two of our producers, Mascota and Yealands have been awarded "Winery of the Year" at the IWSC Awards this Wednesday night.

    Simon Kelly, Megan Watts and Helen MacFarlane from Yealands and Martin from Peñaflor were there to collect the awards with Fraser, Joan and Simon B.

    A huge congratulations to them both!

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