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Monthly Archives: January 2016

  • Showcase 2016 - Have you registered yet?

    Enotria and Coe Vintners joined forces in August 2015, bringing together decades of experience with exceptional wines, Champagnes and spirits.

    We’re confident we’ve got a pretty formidable partnership on our hands, so now comes the fun bit – the big reveal!

    Join us on 23rd February 2016 to experience a unique, market-leading selection of premium wines, spirits and Champagne in one of London’s most exciting spaces.

    The full programme is taking shape behind the scenes, and we will soon share more news about the exciting plans we have in store for the day, but now is the time to make sure you have the date firmly in your diaries and your names registered to attend.

    The details

    Tuesday 23rd February

    The Old Truman Brewery (entrance off Hanbury Street) London E1 6QL

    10.30 – 18.00

    Register online

    Watch this space for which of our fantastic wine producers and spirits brands will be there as well as a selection of captivating category masterclasses you will be able to sign up for.

  • d'Arenberg: Red Stripe Reviews

    d'Arenberg just can't stop hauling in the awards - with a bevvy of high scores coming through at the end of 2015!

    2015 Dry Dam Riesling

    James Halliday's Top 100 - 20 whites under $20 "An utterly impressive wine from a winery best known for its flotilla of red wines; its fruit has the juicy flavour and mouthfeel of the kind expected of a dry Mosel riesling; the intensity of the fruit is heightened by the crisp, crunchy acidity on the finish and aftertaste. The Dry Dam name is an anachronism."

    95 Points

    Gary Walsh - The Wine Front "Includes some Adelaide Hills grapes nowadays, though I’m not sure for how long that’s been: we’ve been a little sparse with our reviews of McLaren Vale Riesling. It’s certainly off dry, but the little dance between sugar and acid is nicely done here. Green apple, blossom perfume, lime and the like. Juicy sweetness, crackle of acidity, tang of sweet/sour green apple on a pretty long finish. Fresh and fun to drink. Would be tops with more spicy food or stuff like ‘traditional Australian Chinese’."

    91 Points

    2012 Ironstone Pressings

    Campbell Mattinson - The Wine Front "Well I never. This is super. Made using grenache (70%), shiraz (25%) and a dollop of mourvedre. The firmness of tannin. The flush of blue/black berried fruit. The length. The infusion of herbs and woodsmoke and dry, rusty spice. It’s just a crackajack wine, firm and commanding, with length and complexity to burn."

    96 Points

    The Wine Genius "Richly coloured, generous and open-knit aromatics of black cherry, earthy, licorice with set coconut scented oak. Dry, full-bodied and powerful with layers of ripe fruit underpinned by some quite serious tannins. An exceptional long finish and good balance promises significant aging potential."

    96 Points

    2012 The Coppermine Road Cabernet Sauvignon

    Campbell Mattinson - The Wine Front "McLaren Vale cabernet sauvignon. I’ve long been a fan. Done well, it defies the odds. Balance. Length. Ripples of dusty tannin. Leathery, boysenberried, earthen fruit, shot with succulent blackcurrant. Leafy notes chatter in the background. Oak is but a whisper. Volume of tannin is impressive; the fruit with it every step of the way."

    95 Points




    2012 The Dead Arm Shiraz

    Campbell Mattinson - The Wine Front "Return to form after the less-than-stellar 2011 release. It just goes to show that “big” doesn’t have to mean either unbalanced or oak-driven. This is all or mostly about rich, black berried fruit and raking tannin, the end then lengthy and fresh. It’s not over-the-top but it’s not shy of its power and intensity. Earth, spice and ferrous notes churn though the tangy sweetness of the fruit. A long life is as good as guaranteed."

    95 Points

    The Wine Genius "Opaque colour - And little closed for the moment but plenty of complexity - blackberry, black olive, tar and spice well integrated with significant oak. Dry, dense, massive fruit concentration well matched with some generous tannins but needs time."

    95 Points

  • Up, up, up and away - Cecchi's vertical tasting reaches new heights

    Success was guaranteed for Andrea and Cesare's vertical tasting of five consecutive Coevo vintages. Served alongside the exceptional cooking of Michelin-starred Tuscan chef, Valeria Piccini, the tasting took place in Mari&Co - a bold and emotive exhibition space in the heart of Milan's thriving art scene.

    This was the first ever vertical tasting of Cecchi's Super-Tuscan since the wine was first created six years ago.  Coevo represents everything the Cecchi family and business stands for through it's elegant traditional elements, combined with the exceptional quality expected of the Super-Tuscan and nods to family's flair for innovation - breaking free from the "expected" Tuscany.

    Andrea and Cesare are the fourth generation in this family business and were key figures in Coevo's creation - for them both it represents a landmark of their winemaking careers.  For this reason, they pulled out all the stops to bring this little piece of Tuscany to Milan and left nothing to chance with their own expertise, flanked by that of Alessandro Tomberli - restaurant manager of Enoteca Pinchiorri.

  • The cold snap is a welcome start for Peller Estates' Icewine harvest

    With temperatures dropping below -10˚C in the early morning of January 4, 2016 Peller Estates Winemaker Katie Dickieson gave her team the signal that the time had come to head to the vineyard. The weather conditions were picture perfect with an extreme weather alert called for the Niagara Region and the stage was set for the Icewine harvest to begin. With such ideal conditions, the team was successful in harvesting all of the Cabernet Franc and Riesling as well as a significant amount of Vidal grapes. Another cold snap is scheduled for the middle of January which will allow the remaining Vidal grapes to be harvested.

    Despite unseasonably warm temperatures through Niagara in December, so mild that golfers enjoyed one last round on Christmas Eve, the Icewine harvest was a constant topic of media attention. Mother Nature did not disappoint and the temperatures turned with the New Year and she provided us with weather conditions ideal for Icewine production. “I am pleased that we were successful in harvesting our Icewine in such a short window, the second picking of Vidal will allow us to achieve a wide range of complexity of juices”, states Winemaker Dickieson.

    The winery in Niagara-on-the-Lake produces limited quantities of Icewine each year when the outside temperatures reach -10˚C or colder. The grapes are then carefully harvested, sorted and pressed while still frozen with only one drop of juice collected from each single grape. The skin, seeds and shards of ice are left behind, allowing the intensely sweet flavourful juice to flow from the press. The concentrated juice then goes through several weeks of fermentation and in some cases, months of barrel ageing. The resulting wine is exquisitely flavourful and aromatic. Peller Estates Icewines have been awarded prestigious trophies and Gold medals in the world’s greatest wine competitions including back to back Masters Awards at the Global Riesling Masters Competition in the UK and a Gold Medal for the Riesling Icewine at the this year’s IWSC. The company is also honoured to have been named Canadian Wine Producer of the Year, last month at the IWSC.

  • Enotria&Coe

    We are delighted to announce our new business name - Enotria&Coe - along with our vision and branding for the combined business. This is the final piece in the jigsaw after many months of integrating these two well respected businesses.

    Enotria&Coe CEO Troy Christensen said, “After many months of hard work, detailed preparation and analysis we’re delighted to preview our new business and brand. What’s apparent is that success in the premium drinks market requires a unique business model; one which we’re confident that we have as Enotria&Coe.”

    He continued, “Enotria acquired Coe Vintners in August last year and since then it has been a whirlwind of spreadsheets and workshops, coupled with an immersive training programme. We have a unique vision; one that we will work tirelessly toward in the coming months, years and beyond. Our passion is to inspire and create value for our partners through our crafted drinks portfolio, our unique insight and truly outstanding service”.

    “While our home and heartland may be in London, we’re a UK-wide business and we see great potential across all regions. We have an opportunity to develop exciting, engaging sales and marketing programmes with our partners, which means we’re in a perfect position to add value for suppliers, customers and consumers. We want to be a game-changer in the market and we have the people, the process and the passion to make this happen.”

    Marketing Director Mike Beavan said, “We have developed a contemporary and distinctive brand – a brand that will become synonymous with innovation, product knowledge, strength in partnership and commitment to quality. The brand transition will begin officially on 1st February culminating in the unveiling to customers and the wider trade at our 2016 Showcase on 23rd February at The Old Truman Brewery.”

    If you have any questions, please do not hestitate to get in touch with us by email: or call us on 020 8961 4411.

    REGISTER HERE for our 2016 Showcase.

  • Alex Turner on Mezcal - the adventurous spirit

    Mezcal is the forerunner of Tequila, and as Alex Turner our bar and spirits expert explains, its smokey individual character has a lot to offer modern drinkers. While Tequila has been having a renaissance lately with 100% agave brands making their way over to the UK, and more boutique styles showing the influence of terroir and more artisan production techniques, but for the more adventurous out there, other agave spirits have caught the eye such as Sotol from Chihuahua and Mezcal from Oaxaca, and this has led to a small but growing fan base amongst bartenders and ‘in the know’ drinkers.

    In terms of volumes Tequila is still the daddy with around 200 bottles produced for every bottle of Mezcal although in the US volumes are were up 48% in the five years between 2007 and 2012. The UK’s numbers are tiny but with a few dedicated Mezcalerias (mezcal bars) having opened in the last few years and brands such as La Penca, Del Maguey and the Spirit Bear introducing new people to the Mezcal category the future looks very positive

    Agave was cultivated long before the Spanish arrived in Mexico, it was used as a sweetener, flavouring and fermented into a wine called Pulque. Mezcal was the original distilled agave spirit and pre-dates the production of other agave spirits, even Tequila was called Mezcal brandy before being christened after the volcano that stands over the town of Tequila.

    Mezcal is mostly made in the state of Oaxaca down in the south of Mexico and is also made from the agave (Maguey) plant but unlike Tequila which is made from the Blue Agave, Mezcal is made from one of 30 registered varieties with Espadin being the most common one used. The most noticeable difference in the production of Mezcal is also the thing that makes it taste so different to Tequila; unlike Tequila, the piña (heart) of the agave is roasted in underground pits giving a smoky flavour more akin to an Islay malt whisky than Tequila. When the piñas are cooked, they are ground using a traditional tahona wheel that crushes the agave to release the cooked juice; this is then fermented with natural yeasts and then distilled in copper or clay pot stills.

    There are few big brands, these are familiar to most bartenders as they have the little worm in the bottom of the bottle (it is in fact the gusano; a moth larvae that grows on the agave plant), this was in all probability a marketing ploy to attract more drinkers to switch from Tequila to Mezcal and the majority of the new artisanal brands do not have any thing added.

    There are few cocktails made with Mezcal, but with the smokiness in mind there are many that work very well - try these for size:


    Mexican Penicillin

    45ml Mezcal

    15ml Ginger liqueur

    20ml Lime juice

    Dash agave syrup




    50ml Mezcal

    Top fresh orange juice

    Dash grenadine (pomegranate molasses)

    Chilli salt edge



    All Bets Are Aff (Gary Regan)

    50ml Blanco Mezcal

    Dash Dry vermouth

    10ml Yellow Chartreuse

    Dash Grapefruit bitters


    Shake & strain over crushed ice, garnish with candied

    ginger. Build over cubed ice,garnish with orange

    Stir over cubed ice and strain into a pre-chilled cocktail glass, garnish with a grapefruit twist

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