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Monthly Archives: April 2016

  • Cinco de Mayo and the rise of Tequila

    The 5th May is a big day in the world of tequila, although not necessarily in Mexico itself as it is not their national day but a celebration of the success in the battle of Peubla in 1862. The Mexican army were fighting against the much larger and better equipped French forces and won this particular battle hence the day of celebration. Incidentally, the national day of Mexico is September the 16th (Mexican Independence day).

    So why do we celebrate 5th of May? The Mexican population living in America tend to celebrate it more than the people living in Mexico but they are also more likely to celebrate the 4th of July too as this is the national day of their adopted country. The Americans just love to party and drink tequila, and with the amount of tequila sold in America it is a big opportunity for the tequila brands to shift some bottles.

    Since the second world war tequila has become a big business in the US and the rest of the world, the sales of Tequila in the USA increased from just under a billion dollars in 2003 to $2.5 billion in 2013 as the tequila makers started to move their brands away from a shot and ritual (salt/lime) spirit to a more refined mixing and sipping spirit like whisky. Taking their cues from other spirit categories as well as understanding their consumer a bit better has led to the growth of the 100% agave tequila as well as the increase in aged tequilas. The increase in the more premium 100% agave tequila which allows for differences in terroir (the regions soil, climate & environmental factors) to influence the flavour of the spirit is a relatively new addition to the tequila category certainly in the UK. Previously, mixto tequila was the most common style available and was usually the one that was consumed with a wedge of lime and a sprinkle of salt. Certainly, bartenders and their guests who have a taste for tequila are moving away from mixto and into 100% agave and in some cases are looking for tequila from specific parts of the region too.

    Agave Farmer

    Whisky and other spirits have made a big deal about the maturation process and how this changes the nature of the liquid to make a richer, smoother spirit. Using different types of oak or other wood, placing the barrels in different warehouses, using different barrels that have contained other spirits or wines before all have an effect on the flavour of the spirit and of course add a nice dimension to the brand story.

    The tequila super brands have begun releasing longer aged tequilas that have spent at least four years in wood and in some cases up to seven years to appeal to the aged spirit connoisseurs. As we know Mexico is a hot country unlike Scotland and the agave is a delicate tasting plant and doesn’t like spending too much time in the barrel so the distillers have to use cooler warehouses to make sure the agave flavour is not dominated by the oak. However, the aged spirit consumers are often more impressed by the sweet spice notes of the barrel and how they complement the flavour of the agave. One other point to make, these longer aged tequilas are not inexpensive and taking cues from the other spirit categories the brand owners know that older usually means more cost.

    Agave Field Landscape

    Mixed drinks such as the margarita (killer bartender fact; a billion margaritas are drunk every year in the USA)* are still massively important to the tequila industry and in many cases are how many people are introduced to the spirit. Other drinks like the El Diablo, Paloma, Japanese slipper and Sangrita are also great ways of getting your guests into drinking tequila without having to offer a piece of citrus fruit and salt!!

    *bartender facts may not be wholly accurate


    Tequila Cocktail Recipes

    El Diablo

    El Diablo

    35ml Blanco tequila

    15ml Crème de cassis

    Top with ginger ale

    Build over cubed ice in a highball glass and garnish with a lime wedge.

    Paloma Cocktail


    50ml Reposado tequila

    15ml Lime juice

    Top with grapefruit soda

    Build over cubed ice in a salt edged highball glass and garnish with a lime wedge

    Japanese Slipper

    Japanese Slipper

    35ml Blanco tequila

    15ml Midori

    10ml Lime juice

    10ml Lemon juice

    1 Bar spoon caster sugar

    Dash egg white

    Dry shake, then shake over cubed ice and strain into a pre-chilled cocktail glass.



    20ml Blanco tequila

    20ml Campari

    20ml Sweet vermouth

    Build over cubed ice in a rocks glass and garnish with a lime twist.



    15ml Tomato juice

    15ml Orange juice

    10ml Lime juice

    Dash of chilli sauce

    Dash of grenadine

    Salt & pepper

    Make a batch, stir over cubed ice and strain into a shot glass and serve with a shot of your favourite tequila. Remember, sip don’t shoot!

  • Portfolio Power in the Sommelier Wine Awards

    Great Value Merchant of the Year!

    We are delighted to announce that we have been awarded Great Value Merchant of the Year in the 2016 Sommelier Wine Awards.

    Last year Enotria was awarded Fine Wine Merchant of the Year (2015), and before that we were New World Merchant of The Year (2014). This award, along with 163 medals for our wines is testament to the diversity and quality of our portfolio.

    We'd like to take this opportunity to congratulate all our producers who received medals for their wines, as well as praising our six-strong Buying team for their expertise in selecting the best wines at the best prices.

    This year we received 30 gold, 45 silver, 36 bronze and 52 commended awards, the details of which are listed below:


    • 2013 Merlot Bogle
    • 2014 Howard Park Miamup Chardonnay, Burch Family Wines
    • 2014 The Hermit Crab Viognier/Marsanne, d'Arenberg
    • 2012 Chañar Punco, El Esteco
    • 2009 Perlé Trentodoc, Ferrari
    • 2011 Huellas Priorat, Franck Massard
    • 2013 Cuvée Albéric Bouvet Crozes-Hermitage, Gilles Robin
    • 2009 Cuvée Prestige Millésime, Gobillard
    • 2014 Johann's Garden, Barossa, GMS, Henschke
    • 2014 Altitudes White, Ixsir
    • 2010 Finca Torrea, Marqués de Riscal
    • 2014 Limousin Reserva, Marqués de Riscal
    • 2012 Marqués de Arienzo Crianza, Marqués de Riscal
    • 2013 Ninquén Antu Cabernet Sauvignon/Carmenère, MontGras
    • 2003 Estate Red, Morgenster
    • 2013 Riesling Icewine, Peller Estates
    • 2014 Vidal Icewine, Peller Estates
    • 2011 Late Bottled Vintage, Quinta do Crasto
    • 2013 Sonoma Heritage Vines Zinfandel, Rancho Zabaco
    • 2010 Bravo Old Vines, Rejadorada
    • 2011 Unánime La Mascota, Santa Ana
    • 2014 Sauvignon Blanc, The Frost Pocket
    • 2013 Estacion 1833 Cabernet Franc, Trapiche
    • 2013 Estacion 1883 Malbec, Trapiche
    • 2014 Melodías Winemaker Selection Malbec, Trapiche
    • 2015 Single Vineyard Sauvignon Blanc Yealands
    • 2015 Le Pas du Moine, Château Gassier
    • 2014 Louis Tête Brouilly Signé Vignerons
    • 2013 5 Stelle, Sfursat di Valtellina, Nino Negri
    • 2009 Villa Oliveira Touriga Nacional, Casa da Passarella




    • 2012 Selección Especial Sardón de Duero, Abadía Retuerta
    • 2015 Mariona Blanco, Artiga-Fustel
    • 2009 Mas Delmera Monastrell Reserva, Artiga-Fustel
    • 2013 Anaperenna, Shiraz/Cabernet, Glaetzer
    • 2012 Vintage Edition Secco, Bertani
    • 2014 Viognier, Bogle
    • 2013 Tradition Le Grand Montmirail Gigondas, Brusset
    • 2014 Chardonnay, Carrick
    • 2013 Columbia Valley Merlot, Chateau Ste Michelle
    • 2014 Columbia Valley Riesling, Chateau Ste Michelle
    • 2013 Eroica Riesling, Chateau Ste Michelle
    • 2013 Colección 125 Chardonnay, Chivite
    • 2011 Colección 125 Reserva, Chivite
    • 2013 Finca Notables Tannat, El Esteco
    • 2012 Ladies Who Shoot Their Lunch Shiraz, Fowles Wine
    • 2013 Directors' Cut Cabernet Sauvignon, Heartland
    • 2013 Selección de Familia Cabernet Franc, Humberto Canale
    • 2011 Grande Réserve Red, Ixsir
    • 2015 Reserve Chenin Blanc, Ken Forrester
    • 2013 The FMC Chenin Blanc, Ken Forrester
    • 2013 Pinot Noir, Laberinto
    • 2014 Côtes du Rhône Villages Laudun Blanc, Laudun Chusclan
    • 2013 EJ Church Cabernet Sauvignon, Long Meadow Ranch
    • 2014 Pinot Noir, Mansion House Bay
    • 2015 Sauvignon Blanc, Mansion House Bay
    • 2014 La Barry Sauvignon Blanc, Meinert
    • 2012 Ribbon Ridge Pinot Noir, Omero
    • 2013 Dorilli Cerasuolo di Vittoria, Planeta
    • 2014 Etna Bianco, Planeta
    • 2014 Crasto, Superior Branco, Quinta do Crasto
    • 2013 Reserva, Quinta do Crasto
    • 2012 Novellum Crianza, Rejadorada
    • 2013 La Mascota Cabernet Sauvignon, Santa Ana
    • 2012 Basket Pressed Shiraz, Skillogalee
    • 2014 Riesling, Skillogalee
    • 2012 Adamastor, Strandveld
    • 2014 Chardonnay, Thelema
    • 2012 Merlot, Thelema
    • 2011 Terroir Series Finca Ambrosia, Trapiche
    • 2011 Terroir Series Finca Orellana de Escobar
    • 2014 Pecorino Terre di Chieti, Umani Ronchi
    • 2013 Blanc de Blancs Brut, Ridgeview
    • 2013 Blanc de Noirs Brut, Ridgeview
    • 2013 Cavendish Brut, Ridgeview
    • 2013 Reserva Malbec, Falernia




    • 2012 Pinot Noir, Carrick
    • 2013 Riserva di Famiglia, Chianti Classico Riserva, Cecchi
    • 2014 Vecchia Modena, Premium Lambrusco di Sorbara, Cleto Chiarli
    • 2014 Classici Pinot Grigio, Colterenzio
    • 2015 Don David Torrontés, El Esteco
    • 2013 Estate Malbec, El Esteco
    • 2013 Are You Game? Pinot Noir, Fowles Wine
    • 2014 Ladies Who Shoot Their Lunch Chardonnay, Fowles Wine
    • 2014 Grande Réserve White, Ixsir
    • 2013 Arroyo Vista Arroyo Seco Chardonnay, J Lohr
    • 2011 The Gypsy, Ken Forrester
    • 2015 Las Cenizas Sauvignon Blanc, Laberinto
    • 2012 Cabernet Sauvignon, Long Meadow Ranch
    • 2013 Merlot, Long Meadow Ranch
    • 2013 Trispol, Mesquida Mora
    • 2003 Lourens River Valley Red, Morgenster
    • NV Ice Cuvée, Peller Estates
    • 2014 Etna Rosso, Planeta
    • NV Gialloro Valdobbiadene Prosecco Superiore, Ruggeri
    • 2014 Urra di Mare Sauvignon Blanc, Mandrarossa
    • NV Liqueur Muscat, Skillogalee
    • 2014 Hand Picked Gewurztraminer, Skillogalee
    • 2012 Trevarrick, Single Contour Riesling, Skillogalee
    • 2011 First Sighting Pinot Noir, Strandveld
    • 2014 First Sighting Sauvignon Blanc, Strandveld
    • 2013 Sutherland Chardonnay, Thelema
    • 2013 Sutherland Pinot Noir, Thelema
    • 2011 Special Edition Cava Brut Reserva, Torelló
    • 2015 Melodías Malbec, Trapiche
    • 2015 Melodías Pinot Grigio, Trapiche
    • 2014 Garuma Vineyard Sauvignon Blanc, Viña Leyda
    • 2013 Las Brisas Pinot Noir, Viña Leyda
    • 2011 Winery Arts Seis al Revés, Vintae
    • 2015 Single Vineyard Pinot Gris, Yealands
    • 2014 Winemaker's Reserve Pinot Noir, Yealands
    • 2015 Arbaude Rosé Côtes de Provence, Mas de Cadenet




    • 2013Alicante Bouschet , Mariona
    • 2012 Villa Arvedi Valpantena Amarone della Valpolicella , Bertani
    • 2013 Valpolicella Ripasso, Bertani
    • 2013 Petite Sirah, Bogle
    • 2013Howard Park Miamup Cabernet Sauvignon, Burch Family Wines
    • 2014 Howard Park Mount Barker Riesling, Burch Family Wines
    • 2013 Merlot, Cannonball
    • 2013 Villa Cerna Chianti Classico, Cecchi
    • 2011 The Coppermine Road Cabernet Sauvignon, d'Arenberg
    • 2011 The Derelict Vineyard Grenache, d'Arenberg
    • 2013 La Roche Pouilly-Fuissé, Domaine Manciat-Poncet
    • 2014 Don David Malbec, El Esteco
    • 2013 Finca Notables Cabernet Sauvignon, El Esteco
    • NV Maximum, Trentodoc Brut, Ferrari
    • 2012 Humilitat Priorat, Franck Massard
    • NV Brut Rosé, Gobillard
    • NV Grande Réserve 1er Cru Brut, Gobillard
    • 2012 Directors' Cut Shiraz, Heartland
    • 2011 Altitudes Red, Ixsir
    • 2013 Seven Oaks Cabernet Sauvignon, J Lohr
    • NV En Rama, La Guita
    • NV Manzanilla, La Guita
    • 2014 Sauvignon Blanc, Long Meadow Ranch
    • 2012 Central Coast Pinot Noir, MacMurray
    • 2013 Russian River Pinot Noir, MacMurray
    • 2013 Russian River Valley Pinot Gris, MacMurray
    • 2014 Bosstok Pinotage, MAN Family Wines
    • 2015 Padstal Chardonnay, MAN Family Wines
    • 2012 Riscal 1860 Tempranillo, Marqués de Riscal
    • 2014 Printers Ink Pinotage, Meinert
    • 2014 Sincronia Blanc Organic, Mesquida Mora
    • 2014 Ninquén Antu Syrah √, MontGras
    • 2013 Pinot Noir, Omero
    • 2014 Alma de Tinto, Pazo das Tapias
    • 2014 Crasto Red, Quinta do Crasto
    • 2013 Crasto Superior, Quinta do Crasto
    • 2014 Timperosse, Mandrarossa
    • 2010 Credo Chenin Blanc, Stellenbosch Vineyards
    • 2011 The Navigator, Strandveld
    • 2011 First Sighting Shiraz, Strandveld
    • 2010 Gran Reserva 3D By Custo Cava Brut, Torelló
    • 2013 Estacion 1883 Bonarda, Trapiche
    • 2015 Melodias Merlot, Trapiche
    • 2015 Melodías Winemaker Selection Chardonnay, Trapiche
    • 2011 Terroir Series Finca Coletto, Trapiche
    • 2013 Linea Oro Papale Primitivo di Manduria, Varvaglione
    • 2012 Crianza, Viña Cerrada
    • 2009 Gran Reserva, Viña Cerrada
    • 2009 Reserva, Viña Cerrada
    • 2014 Bodega Classica Heredad de Tejada Blanco, Vintae
    • 2014 Single Vineyard Sauvignon Blanc Yealands
    • 2014 A Descoberta Branco, Casa da Passarella
  • Urlar appoints a new winemaker

    Introducing Carol Bunn, Urlar’s new Winemaker

    Carol’s experience

    Highly-experienced winemaker Carol Bunn has joined Angus and Davina Thomson at the Urlar  winery in Gladstone, taking over from Guy McMaster, who worked with them for nine years.

    Carol brings with her a wealth of knowledge and proven ability, especially in working with Pinot Noir, and this will add immensely to the strength of the region.

    Graduating from Lincoln in 1995, Carol’s first wine job was at Dry River in Martinborough. She then gained further experience in winemaking positions around New Zealand and overseas, before starting at Akarua, in Bannockburn, Central Otago in 2001. From there, she became the founding winemaker at the VinPro contract facility in Cromwell in 2004, staying on until 2009. In 2010, Carol set up her own business, ‘Wine Artisan’, offering wine consultancy while allowing her to follow her other passion of cooking. Her latest consultancy position was from the 2015 vintage at Giesen, looking after the premium reds that came off the recently acquired, famous ‘Clayvin’ vineyard in Marlborough. Her career has seen considerable and notable successes with wines she has made, winning numerous top awards at wine shows.

    About Urlar

    If farming is in the blood of ex-pat Scot Angus Thomson – he represents the fifth generation of Thomsons to work the land – then so too are wines and spirits. Both grandfathers were in the whisky business, but Angus broke new ground when he, along with wife Davina and their young family, sold the farm in Forres and started a new life in NZ. More than a decade later, the Thomsons have a 31-hectare vineyard at Gladstone, Wairarapa, on the southern coast of North Island, and a range of organic wines showing beautiful varietal expression. The guiding philosophy here is sustainability, in both the environmental and the economic sense, following organic and biodynamic principles in the vineyard. Aptly so, given that ‘Urlar’ means ‘the earth’ in Gaelic. There’s a reminder of home, too, in the herd of Highland cattle grazing the estate. These animals provide the manure for the Thomsons’ biodynamic Preparation 500 compost – and a link to Angus’ farming heritage. When not making great wine as sustainably as possible, Angus is also a big fan of kayak fishing and – so he tells us – photobombing celebrities at the film premiere of The Hobbit…

  • See you tomorrow at Wines from Spain!

    Join us at stand Y40 at Tobacco Dock on 14th April 2016.

    We’re excited to announce that Enotria&Coe will have a first-class, star-studded, prime presence at the Wines from Spain Trade Fair on 14th April. Never before have we showcased such a premium, prestigious selection of wines, with emphasis on our star performers, iconic brands and quirky gems, and with plenty of our new wines on pour.

    There is still time to register online here:

    The buzz and excitement around Spanish wine shows no sign of slowing as it continues to pervade UK restaurants and wine shops with high levels of diversity, innovation and individuality. Our range has grown steadily over the last five years, with increased focus on the quality that Spain has to offer. This message will be showcased in our line-up, consisting of 13 producer partners with wines from over 15 different regions.

    Time: 10.30am – 6.30pm


    Tobacco Dock 50 Porters Walk Wapping London E1W 2SF


    Marqués de Riscal

    2014 Blanco Rueda, Marqués de Riscal 2014 Sauvignon Rueda, Marqués de Riscal 2014 Limousin Reserva, Marqués de Riscal 2014 Finca Montico Rueda, Riscal Rioja Crianza, Marqués de Arienzo 2012 1860 Tempranillo, Marqués de Riscal 2011 Rioja Reserva, Marqués de Riscal 2010 Finca Torrea, Marques de Riscal 2006 Rioja Gran Reserva, Marqués de Riscal 2004 Rioja 150th Anniversary Gran Reserva, Marqués de Riscal 2010 Baron de Chirel Reserva, Marqués de Riscal

    Pere Ventura

    NV Tresor Brut Reserva, Pere Ventura NV Tresor Rosado, Pere Ventura NV Maria del Mar Gran Reserva, Pere Ventura


    2014 Baluarte Roble, Chivite 2013 Finca Villatuerta Chardonnay, Chivite 2011 Finca de la Villatuerta Seleccion Especial, Chivite 2015 Chivite Fincas Rosado, Chivite 2012 Coleccion 125 Chardonnay, Chivite 2010 Coleccion 125 Reserva, Chivite 2010 Coleccion 125 Vendimia Tardia, Chivite

    Abadia Retuerta

    2011 Selección Especial, Abadia Retuerta 2012 Pago Negralada Tempranillo, Abadia Retuerta

    Franck Massard

    2014 Más Amor Rosado, Massard 2014 El Mago Organic Garnacha 2012 Humilitat Priorat, Massard 2012 Huellas Priorat, Massard


    2014 Treixadura 14 Ailala 2014 Souson 14 Ailala

    Mesquida Mora

    2014 Sincronia Blanc, Mesquida Mora 2014 Sincronia Negre, Mesquida Mora 2014 Acrollam Blanc, Mesquida Mora 2013 Trispol, Mesquida Mora

    Pazo do Mar

    2014 Godello Blanco, Pazo do Mar 2014 Mencia Tinto, Pazo do Mar

    Adur Txakolina

    2014 Adur Txakolina

    Pazo Castrelo

    2014 Albarino 14 Pazo Castrelo

    La Guita

    NV Manzanilla, La Guita NV Manzanilla, La Guita NV Manzanilla, La Guita NV En Rama, La Guita


    NV Lolea Sangria Blanco, Lolea NV Lolea Sangria Tinto, Lolea


    NV Valverán Ice Cider

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