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Malbec moment

Utter the word Malbec, and Argentina immediately comes to mind. And rightly so, too. It’s the South American nation’s most popular varietal in volume and value sales, and in the last 10 years alone, Argentinian Malbec plantings have nearly doubled. There are just a handful of places around the world that produce Malbec, and Argentina is miles ahead of the pack.

Here in the UK, we love Argentina’s full-bodied, versatile red grape. Indeed, more than half of the country’s exports shipped across the Atlantic Ocean destined for our shores are Malbec. Of the punchy grape, UK wine commentator, Olly Smith, says “Malbec is thought of as the Giant Haystacks of the wine world – burly, hefty and packing a punch. But while it can be as flavoursome as licking a blackberry the size of the Moon, Malbec is also a wine grape capable of delivering an intriguing range of aromas, from violet fragrance to gamey spice".

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According to Wines of Argentina, Malbec leads the field when it comes to attracting millennials – there’s no question it’s a grape in the zeitgeist at the minute. In recent years, Argentina has taken the UK wine market by storm, and in the process they’ve become the envy of other wine-producing countries. But why, you might ask.

“Because it’s cool,” confirms Enotria&Coe buyer (and self-confessed Malbec lover) Harriet Kininmonth.

“The wines have carved an identity as exciting, quality-focused and food-lead, with plush and velvety Malbec leading the revolution and clearing the path for what’s starting to unravel.”

“Today’s UK market is evolving and consumers are increasingly on the hunt for provenance and distinction, craving a premium and enriching experience.”

In light of this, we’re delighted to house some of the world’s leading producers of wines born from the sun-worshipping grape – Trapiche and El Esteco.

“With Trapiche and El Esteco on board we have one of the slickest, most diverse and fully comprehensive ranges in the market,” Harriet says._MG_5750

Trapiche demonstrates precision winemaking at unbeatable price-points, showcasing Malbec at its best, whilst El Esteco, and its oxygen-starved altitudes reveals super-premium blockbusters. But it doesn’t stop with Malbec. “From Bonarda to Torrontes, and Tannat to Petit Verdot, our comprehensive portfolio proves that Malbec isn’t the only Messi in the team.”

Did you know

  1. Malbec originated in southwest France, in the town of Cahors, just outside Bordeaux.
  2. During the 1950s, the variety was almost completely wiped out in France by a devastating frost.
  3. In years gone by, Malbec’s also been known as Côt, Auxerrois or Pressac.