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Champagne Pommery

After making a fortune in the wool industry, in 1856, Mr Pommery was in fragile health and decided to retire from business and enjoy a quiet life. His son Louis was no longer a child. Mr Pommery and his wife did not have any special plans. They simply wanted to enjoy a well-deserved retirement. But destiny had other things in store for them… Madame Pommery discovered she was expecting a child, at the age of 38. This miraculous pregnancy, more than 17 years after her first, would change their lives forever. To provide for his baby daughter, Mr Pommery decided to go back into business. But the wool industry was in crisis. However, the champagne trade was booming.
In the inventory on 31 December 1856, all of Pommery’s wines were grands crus. The company changed its name, but it gained great strengths and talents. Henry Vasnier, the 24-year-old financial and administrative director, and Adolphe Hubinet, the 23-year-old business director, joined the team. When Mr Pommery died on 18 February 1858, his wife looked at baby Louise, who was not even a year old, and mustered up the strength to set out on an incredible journey. With this same pride, passion, and emotion, we are trying to reproduce Madame Pommery’s miracle, which we have given the sweet name of Louise.
In 1857, the wool industry was in crisis, and Mr Pommery moved into the champagne trade to provide for his infant daughter. He died a year later in February 1858. The rest is history: the young widow Pommery took over the champagne business and led it on to success and glory.
Louise Pommery grew up to be a gentle, attractive, and discerning young woman. She married the count and future marquis Guy de Polignac in 1875. In 1890, upon their mother’s death, Louis and Louise took over management of the company, while Henry Vasnier remained director. It was a painstaking effort for Madame Pommery to acquire the estate’s first 18 hectares. Louis Pommery and his sister, the Marquise of Polignac, gradually bought up the other 282 hectares.
Cuvée Louise, an extremely pure champagne, was created in 1979. Pommery’s prestige cuvée is faithful to the high standards of the woman who inspired it, made from the best plots of vines that are jealously kept for this wine alone.
In the tradition of Pommery Nature 1874, Louise is a prestige Cuvée with extremely low sugar content. Behind this apparent simplicity, there are unique processes at play, used at every stage of winemaking, so that Cuvée Louise can take the time to embody the quintessence of Pommery style.
‘I resolved to continue with the business and take over for my husband… ’
In 1858, the determined young widow set out to conquer the national and international markets. She had no qualms about shaking up the rules of corporate management. She was one of the first people in business to lay out a system for promoting luxury products, including style, branding, communication, and public relations. She invented Pommery’s brand image.
This businesswoman used her fortune to good ends, setting up the first pension fund and a social security system for her employees. She also founded the orphanage in Reims and its maternity fund. Through these actions, she invented the corporate code of conduct. She was a patron of the arts, of artists from Reims above all. She donated her collection of 600 earthenware pieces to the museum in Reims, and Millet’s The Gleaners to the French state. Through her belief that ‘everything you get through work is holy’, she developed corporate patronage before it became commonplace. It was a strong personal endeavour that carried enormous risk. This audacious vision of business was based on firm ethical values, which we still share today.

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