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Delivery & Distribution


Our Distribution Centre in Park Royal, North West London is staffed by our own employees, many of whom have in excess of 10 years’ service with us and hold WSET qualifications. Familiarity with the portfolio reduces picking errors and ensures a ‘right first time’ approach for our customers.

Park Royal is currently supported by 7 stockless regional depots which reduce the stem mileage of each vehicle when making deliveries. Drivers are a mixture of full-time employees and dedicated contractors; again, many have a long service record.  This platform provides a flexible base for our distribution service, allowing us to adapt to the changing needs of our customer base.


Our ability to deliver is built on our sector expertise and business knowledge as well as our willingness to embrace new thinking and systems.

We strive for seamless high quality in everything we do, enabling us to offer a reassuring and superior service to our customers. We do this by always using best practice, joined-up business processes, owning our supply chain, progressive staff development and inspiring, fit-for-purpose facilities.

Our customers benefit through reliably quick and precise services that ensure we always deliver what we say we will, when we say we will.