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  1. Matusalem Platino 70cl

    This light white rum is distilled from fermented molasses in the Dominican Republic.

  2. Matusalem Gran Reserva 15yo 70cl

    Super-premium rum of exceptional quality. Complex, yet velvety-smooth.

  3. Brugal Anejo 70cl

    Brugal use molasses from their own sugar cane & this Anejo is aged 2-5 years in American oak.

  4. Brugal 1888 70cl

    Brugal 1888 70cl


    A centenary bottling - 16 years in ex-Bourbon barrels & part-aged in sherry casks.

  5. Brugal Blanco Especial Extra Dry 70cl

    Made in the Dominican Republic, aged in Bourbon whiskey barrels for 1-2 years & charcoal filtered.

  6. Atlantico Rum Private Cask 70cl

    A delicious golden rum from the Dominican Republic.

  7. Atlantico Rum Reserva 70cl

    Reserve rum, aged in a Solera system, from Atlantico.

  8. Atlantico Rum Platino 70cl

    Unique, handcrafted Rum. Incredibly smooth and flavourful.

8 Item(s)