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  1. Lambs Navy Demerara 70cl

    Dark rum blended from 18 different rums from Barbados, Guyana, Jamaica & Trinidad.

  2. Lambs Navy Demerara Magnum 150cl

    Alfred Lamb first introduced his rums to the UK in 1849.

  3. Pussers Blue 40% Rum 70cl

    The original Admiralty blend of five West Indian rums produced for centuries for the British Navy.

  4. Named after Henry Morgan, one time famous buccaneer & later Governor of Jamaica.

  5. Woods 100 Old Navy Demerara 70cl

    Often used as a float on cocktails, this robust Navy rum is pot distilled from Demerara sugar cane.

  6. Skipper Demerara 70cl

    A full-bodied, Demerara rum from Guyana. A favourite with bartenders for long drinks & cocktails.

  7. El Dorado Blanco 3yo 70cl

    A smooth, balanced rum with tropical & citrus fruit aromas, sweet butterscotch notes on the finish.

  8. El Dorado Gold 5yo 70cl

    Well developed, complex Demerara rum created with cocktails in mind.

  9. El Dorado 12yo GP 70cl

    A complex and rich rum packed with aromas of honey, banana, smoky toffee & raisins.

  10. El Dorado Special Reserve 15yo GP 70cl

    Highly-lauded rum with complex, nutty flavours of coffee, orange, chocolate & vanilla.

14 Item(s)

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