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  1. Ron Calados White Premium House Rum 70cl

    Made from Caribbean rum, Ron Calados is a value for money rum designed for mixing.

  2. Chairmans Reserve St Lucian Rum 70cl

    An award-winning blend of aged St Lucian rums from the 2015 Rum Producer of the Year.

  3. Chairman's Reserve Spiced St Lucian Rum 70cl

    The high quality Chairman’s Reserve rum blend flavoured with traditional Caribbean spices.

  4. Chairmans Reserve White Label St Lucia Rum 70cl

    Made as an aged rum, the colour is removed by gentle filtration to retain the rich flavours.

  5. Elements 8 Platinum Rum

    A premium 4 year old white rum, hand-blended from 10 rums to combine the best qualities of each.

  6. Elements 8 Barrel Exotic Spiced Rum

    The sensuous honey, clove, chocolate & sweet citrus flavour appeals to rum & liqueur drinkers.

  7. Elements 8 Gold Rum

    Premium golden rum with flavours of soft honeyed raisins, dried apricot, spices & hints of dark chocolate.

7 Item(s)