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  1. Sacred Organic Vodka 70cl

    A deceptively simple blend of the finest organic wheat & rye spirit redistilled.

  2. Organic Dodds Gin 50cl

    Full-bodied, vibrant juniper, bay leaf & green cardamom, with hints of raspberry & eucalyptus.

  3. Yaguara Blend is an organic artisanal blend of 10 month rested Cachaça and the Meneghel family recipe of ageing it in European Oak barrels for 5 to 6 years. The result is a refined award winning liquid which is smooth on the palate yet complex, adding real character and sugar cane freshness to a variety of drinks.

  4. Snow Queen Organic Vodka 70cl
  5. Abelha Silver Organic Cachaca 70cl

    Aromatic fruity nose, and a full body with the light sweetness of fresh sugar cane: very versatile.

  6. Liverpool Organic Gin 70cl

    A premium organic gin.

6 Item(s)