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  1. Angostura Orange Bitters 10cl

    These are made from the peels of sun-ripened Caribbean oranges grown in Trinidad.

  2. Amaro di Angostura 70cl

    The blenders combined Angostura aromatic bitters with some neutral spirit and added more spices…until a magnificent herbal liqueur was created.

  3. Angostura 1919 Aged Rum 70cl

    A blend of 8 year aged rums carefully blended to resemble the original Fernandes 1919 rum.

  4. Angostura 3yo White Rum Reserva

    This aged light rum is distilled from molasses in Trinidad, charcoal removes colour from oak ageing.

  5. Angostura 5yo 70cl

    A blend of light & heavy rums aged for 5 years in charred American oak bourbon barrels.

  6. Angostura 7yo Dark Rum 70cl

    This fine Trinidadian rum is aged for a minimum of seven years in once used Bourbon casks.

  7. Angostura Aromatic Bitters 20cl

    These bitters have been made from the same original secret recipe since 1824.

7 Item(s)