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  1. Plantation O.F.T.D. Rum 70cl
  2. Pierre Ferrand Dry Curacao 70cl

    A premium orange Curaçao for cocktails or for sipping.

  3. Plantation Original Dark Rum 70cl

    A rich & aromatic blend of Trinidad & Jamaica rums that mixes perfectly with ginger.

  4. Plantation Jamaica Vintage Rum 70cl

    This 2001 vintage Jamaican rum comes from pot stills & had a lengthy maturation before bottling.

  5. Plantation XO Rum 20th Anniversary Decanter GP 70cl

    A superb decanter bottle of XO rum from Barbados, aged in Bourbon barrels.

  6. Plantation Barbados Grande Reserve 5yo Rum 70cl

    Aged in Bourbon barrels before being transported to Cognac Ferrand for a finish in Cognac casks.

  7. Plantation 3 Stars White Rum 70cl

    A skilful blend of the best the Caribbean has to offer from Barbados, Jamaica & Trinidad.

  8. Citadelle Gin 70cl

    A full bodied but floral gin made in South West France using a copper pot still & 19 botanicals.

8 Item(s)