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  1. Jim Beam Rye Whiskey 70cl

    Drier & spicier than its Bourbon cousins, this smooth sipping whiskey is great in a Manhattan.

  2. Red Stag by Jim Beam 70cl

    The black cherry flavoured Beam has its fruit flavours infused into four-year-old Jim Beam bourbon.

  3. Bakers Small Batch Bourbon 70cl

    Named after Baker, the grand-nephew of the legendary Jim Beam, this is a handcrafted Bourbon.

  4. Bookers Small Batch Bourbon 70cl

    Given as gifts to close friends & family, Booker''s began as cask bottlings direct from barrels.

  5. Jim Beam Devils Cut 70cl

    This is full-bodied with intense oak & vanilla notes, smooth with a hint of sweetness. Aged 6 years.

  6. Jim Beam Honey 70cl

    A smooth take on Jim Beam with a golden colour, a spicy mid-palate & a gentle sweet finish.

  7. Jim Beam White Label 70cl

    A classic Kentucky Bourbon, with sweet caramel & vanilla, a hint of charred oak & a crisp finish.

  8. Basil Hayden Small Batch Bourbon 70cl

    Created in 1796, Basil Hayden''s is singular Bourbon that combines the spicy flavours of rye & corn.

9 Item(s)