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  1. Luxardo Passione Nera 70cl

    Based on Luxardo''s Sambuca dei Cesari & infused with liquorice.

  2. Luxardo Amaretto Saschira 70cl

    The Amaretto is made with the finest almonds, sourced from Avola in southern Sicily.

  3. Luxardo Limoncello

    Luxardo have been perfecting the intense lemon flavour of their Limoncello since 1906.

  4. Luxardo Spiced Apple Sambuca 70cl

    A melt-in-the-mouth apple crumble flavour & vibrant green in colour.

  5. Luxardo Kirsch 50cl

    Clear, colourless fruit brandy traditionally made from the double distillation of whole cherries.

  6. Luxardo Raspberry Sambuca 70cl

    Luxardo Sambuca with raspberry bursts with fragrant, fruity flavours. Blush pink in colour.

  7. Luxardo Sangue Morlacco 70cl

    A deep red cherry liqueur, named ''Sangue Morlacco'' literally meaning Morlacco''s blood.

  8. Luxardo Bitter Bianco 70cl
  9. Luxardo Maraschino Liqueur 50cl

    Aged in white Finnish ashwood vats before being put in bottles encased in hand-plaited straw.

11 Item(s)

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