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  1. Ocho Tequila Blanco 50cl

    Beautifully intense agave aromas develop into elegant fruit flavours in this high-quality blanco.

  2. Ocho Tequila Reposado 50cl

    Extra ageing gives this reposado a subtle, nutty flavour, warm mouth-feel & a lingering finish.

  3. Ocho Tequila Anejo 70cl

    A single estate-grown, 100% blue agave tequila, aged for at least one year.

  4. Ocho Tequila Curado 50cl

    The curado is made by macerating the cooked agave from the blanco for extra colour & character.

  5. Ocho Extra Anejo 3yo Tequila 70cl

    Aged for three years in old Jack Daniel''s barrels to produce a rich, powerful tequila.

5 Item(s)