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  1. Stolichnaya Vanilla 70cl

    Stolichnaya vodka flavoured with the natural extracts of Madagascan & Indonesian vanilla pods.

  2. Stolichnaya Raspberry 70cl

    Stolichnaya vodka, flavoured with the natural essence of raspberry.

  3. Stolichnaya Citros 70cl

    An original recipe from Stolichnaya - their classic wheat & rye grain vodka flavoured with citrus.

  4. Stolichnaya Orange 70cl

    Stolichnaya blended with natural orange oils, notes of orange zest & a rich, juicy orange flavour.

  5. Stolichnaya Hot 70cl

    A subtle hint of smoke, this vodka''s flavour builds, filling the mouth with spicy jalapeño heat.

  6. Stolichnaya Elit Vodka 70cl

    The ultimate Stoli uses distilled Russian winter wheat & is triple chill filtered for smoothness.

  7. Stolichnaya Gold 70cl

    The premium Stoli, ultra smooth palate with cream, vanilla & subtle spice flavours.

  8. Stolichnaya Salted Caramel 70cl

    Silky caramel texture and a salty tang, with the gentle warmth of Stolichnaya vodka.

  9. Stolichnaya Vodka (Red Label) 70cl

    The classic wheat & rye grain vodka, originally Russian but made in Latvia since 1948.

9 Item(s)