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Teeling Blended Whiskey W601



The Teeling family has a long association with Irish whiskey, dating back to 1782 when Walter Teeling set up a small distillery on Marrowbone Lane in the Liberties of Dublin. At that time there were over 37 different distilleries in Dublin, however over the next 200 years they all fell silent, with the last closing in 1976, this sad story was mirrored across Ireland, and by the 1980s there was just one distillery company in the whole of Ireland. In 1987 Walter''s descendant John Teeling founded the Cooley distillery in Co Westmeath, the first new distillery in over a century. This was hugely successful, and revived the art of independent distilling in Ireland. When this was sold to Jim Beam in 2012, John''s sons Jack and Stephen decided to return to their distilling roots in Dublin - their Teeling Whiskey Distillery is the first new distillery in Dublin in over 125 years and will bring the craft of distilling back into the very heart of Dublin''s Liberties area.


Teeling Whisky is a small batch blend of malt and grain whiskey with a higher than normal composition of first fill bourbon barrels and higher than usual ratio of malt to grain. The blend is then given further maturation in ex-Rum barrels to impart an extra sweet and smooth flavour while keeping the unique taste of Irish Whiskey. Bottled at 46% with no colouring or chill filtration.

Tasting note

Smooth, but the influence of rum casks and the higher abv alcohol creates a unique character of wood and sweet spice.

  • Vintage: NV
  • Bottle: 70.00cl
  • ABV: 46.00%
  • SKU: A69464NV
  • Country: Ireland
Teeling Blended Whiskey W601