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  1. 2008 Pinot Gris Vendange Tardive, Trimbach

    The botrytized, apricot and mango-scented wine has bags of elegance. It is medium bodied, beautifully structured and very well-balanced. White peaches are explicitly evident adding complexity to this powerful, delicate and silky smooth wine.

  2. 2011 Vin Santo DOC, Barbi

    The colour varies from golden to intense amber. The perfume is intensely aromatic with hints of raisins and nuts; on the palate it is round and very persistent.

  3. 2016 Moelleux Château Laulerie Côtes de Montravel, Vignoble Dubard

    Pale gold with barley sugar and orange blossom and a sweet, creamy palate.

  4. 2016 The Noble Wrinkled Riesling, d'Arenberg

    This wine is clean, concentrated and refreshing. The nose is lifted with an abundance of honey and citrus notes and the palate is full of lemon pie, honey dew and quince paste flavours. The acidity is tight but forgiving, resulting in a beautifully balanced wine with a long finish.

  5. 2015 The Noble Botryotinia Fuckeliana SB, d'Arenberg
  6. 2014 Coleccion 125 Vendimia Tardia, Chivite Family Estates

    COLOUR: Golden yellow with lemony hues. Intense. Very bright.
    NOSE: Intense, complex and powerful aroma. Hints of acacia flower, sandalwood, candied fruit, elegant and expressive.
    PALATE: Ample attack. Well-balanced in the mouth, silky with a very good acidity. Very long. Dried fig and flower honey aftertaste.

  7. 2015 Les 4 Vents Coteau du Layon, Pithon Paille

    Delicious aromas and taste of glazed fruits, pears and subtle notes of quince, with a fresh and vibrant finish.

  8. 2016 Le Fronde Moscato, Fontanafredda

    The fragrance of its aroma, which comes direct from the grapes, imbues this wine with an intense nose of musk, black locust and orange flowers, sage and honey, and the lingering of its carefree flavour brings out the brightest of spirits. The warmth arid light that the sun has shed on the vineyards are reproduced in the glass, where this clear, straw-yellow wine has a pleasantly sweet taste that is very well-balanced and features honey and just-picked grapes.

  9. 2013 Clos Dady, Sauternes

    A highly complex wine which entices you with its scents of lime, acacia, apricots, grilled almond and honeyed aromas. The palate is luscious and generous with its sweet apricot, honey, roasted nut and marmalade flavours and perfectly balanced with a zesty, lime rind acidity, finishing clean, uplifted and satisfying.

  10. 2014 Recioto della Valpolicella DOC, Bertani

    Classical notes of plum,cherry and raspberries,accompanied by spices,vanilla, hay and cocoa. In the mouth is intense, full, ripe and smooth with a nice balance between sweetness and acidity.

33 Item(s)