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  1. NV Vouvray Brut, Sylvain Gaudron

    Fine, persistent mousse. Notes of honey and fresh hay very typical of Chenin. Beautiful vein of acidity. Mineral. Complex with a hint of biscuity character.

  2. NV Chic Barcelona Rose, Pere Ventura

    Lovely bright pink tone with orange highlights. Its lively, continuous stream of beads rises like a rosary to create a perfect crown. On the nose it''s fragrant, with an explosion of red fruit, wild strawberries, cherries and raspberries with some light notes from ageing. On the palate its freshness gives way to the soft taste of red fruit.

  3. NV Ice Cuvée Sparkling, Peller

    Very fine bubbles spiral upwards, through this brilliant yellow straw coloured wine. The bouquet of apricot, yeast and ripe apple, with hints of honey, are followed by tropical fruits on the palate and a refreshing sweet grapefruit finish.

  4. NV Saumur Brut, Domaine de Brizé

    A really superb sparkling Loire, dry but not aggressive, produced from Chenin Blanc in the small village of Martigne-Briand, close to the town of Saumur. The wine has a beautifully fragrant English late summer fruits bouquet (apples and pears) and is clean, fresh and lively on the palate, a great alternative to Champagne.

  5. NV Saumur Brut Rosé, Domaine de Brizé

    Has a vibrant strawberry colour and very fine, persistent bubbles. It has a red fruit nose with currants and summer fruits very evident. The wine really comes alive on the palate, being dry but with a wonderful crunchy (apple) fruit character and red fruits on the finish. Well made, well-rounded, delicious - too easy to drink too much of it!

  6. 2005 Giulio Riserva, Ferrari

    Tiny, soft, and sparkling bubbles that light up the glass with a golden colour.
    On the nose, this wine offers a broad and varied palette of aromas, with fruity scents of Rennet
    apples and candied citrus fruits and floral scents of camomile and lily of the valley that overlap
    with delightful salty and spicy notes.
    On the palate, it mesmerises with the complexity of its aromas, emphasised by its very low
    dosage. Hints of citrus fruits, dry fruits, and vanilla combine in a harmonious symphony of
    flavours, supported by an enjoyable saltiness. The 2004 vintage of this remarkable Trentodoc
    is soft yet fresh, crisp yet elegant, and strikingly long on the finish.

  7. 2010 Perlé, Ferrari

    An intense bouquet, but of particular finesse, with scents of almond blossom, rennet apples, a faint spiciness and a hint of crusty bread. Dry, crisp and elegant, with a very persistent finish.

  8. 2010 Perlé Rosé, Ferrari

    An intense yet fine and elegant bouquet, with dominant notes of ripe berry fruits (redcurrants, fraises des bois and raspberries) and appealing hints of orange peel, rose and cumin.Dry and velvety.

  9. NV Brut Metodo Classico, Planeta

    Pale yellow in colour with shades of sea green. Shows distinct aromas of "muscaredda", a variety of white prickly pear, white flowers and green grass. Vibrant and lean on the palate. Mt. Etna in full eruption.

  10. NV Prosecco Extra Dry, Fiol

    Pale lemon colour with a typical bouquet reminiscent of wisteria flowers, acacia and also mature crab apple. Fresh, lively and appealing with slightly sweeter notes on the palate. This inviting Prosecco is the ideal sparkling wine to bring bubbles to your everyday life!

28 Item(s)

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