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  1. 2016 Red Boar Bobal, Bodegas Gallegas

    It is of the wines that have in the color one of his better attractive. Pillory, red and covered, of brilliant intensity. A marvellous youth that is noticed in the aromas of currants, defaults and in his spicy touch (nutmeg). In mouth it is beefy, softly tannic, with the point of acidity in just contrast with the silked entry. The retronasal clean, leave a perfume of mature fruit, species and an agreeable vegetable point. Recommended to take with red meat, accompained by garnishing with some vegetable sweet (carrot, onion), for them to join the three most outstanidng wine taste: the bitter (tannin), acidity and sweet (alcohol, glycerin).

  2. 2016 La Copa de Bobal, Coviñas

    La Copa de Bobal is a deep purple with a herbaceous nose and a juicy palate displaying well-integrated tannin and lovely black cherry and plum fruit profile.

2 Item(s)