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  1. 2016 Grecanico, Mandrarossa

    Grecanico is a native Sicilian grape which produces a complex, aromatically defined white wine with lively citrusy fruit character on the nose and the palate, and well balanced, fresh acidity on the finish.

  2. 2016 La Segreta Bianco, Planeta

    The greater part being produced from Grecanico, La Segreta is a wine focussing on notes of pleasant citrus flower freshness, which provide a harmony unique among its Mediterranean notes and an unforgettable freshness. Elegant on the nose with notes of peach, papaya, yellow melon and chamomile, refined and intriguing on the palate.

  3. 2016 Alastro Bianco, Planeta

    Bright straw yellow with hints of green. Peachy nose, with hints of vanilla, jasmine and green tea.

3 Item(s)