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  1. 2015 Apellinao Pais, Terroir Sonoro

    Fruity but spiced, soft but rustic in mouth.

  2. 2013 Tartufo Malbec,Terroir Sonoro

    Deep red colour, smells like wet forest, rainy south, black fruits, wild cherry and Maqui; dark as moonless night.

  3. 2013 El Perseguidor Malbec, Terroir Sonoro

    This is a deep and layered wine on the nose. Black fruit, fallen leaves overlap with spicy notes and cavendish tabacco. The palate is round, silky, with a touch of natural acidity in this malbec that bodes well aging.

  4. NV El Impostor, Terroir Sonoro

    A darker style of rose. Due to second fermentation in bottle without disgorgement, the wine looks hazy and unusual. Fruity, crisp and fresh with plenty of red fruit flavours as well as yeasty notes. A must try!

  5. NV Ni Tinto ni Tanto País Blend, Terroir Sonoro

    Light red colour, fruity, young and rustic. Smells like cherry and spicy.

  6. 2015 El Cerruco Moscatel, Terroir Sonoro

    Pale yellow colour, typical moscatel aroma, full of fruit and flowers over light honey notes. Sweet attack that evolves in crisp acidity and final bitterness.

6 Item(s)