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  1. 2016 L'Emblème Rouge, Vin de France

    On the nose the wine is clean and fresh with ripe aromas of black plum, jam and raisins. Light, smooth easy to drink on the palate with soft tannins and excellent balance of flavours.

  2. 2016 L'Ampélograph, Merlot

    Deep colour with intense aromas of ripe berries and pepper. Red fruits are prominent on the palate with ripe, silky tannins which makes it very enjoyable and quaffable.

  3. 2016 L'Ampélograph, Grenache Rosé

    Salmon pink colour, on the nose it''s fruity with wild berries and raspberries and floral notes. On the palate it''s ripe and rounded, mineral and savory with flavours of pommegranate and red cherries and a fresh dry finish.

  4. 2016 L'Emblème Blanc, Vin de France

    Clear pale lemon yellow on the appearance. On the nose it displays green fruit such as apples, some citrus fruit such as grapefruit and hints of cut grass. A light, crisp and fresh palate with dry finish.

  5. 2016 L'Ampélograph, Sauvignon Blanc

    Typical zesty sauvignon, with ripe lemony fruits and mouth-watering acidity. A floral nose with subtle hints of herbs on the palate it is fresh and crisp, with a good dry and round finish.

  6. 2016 L'Emblème Rose, Vin de France

    Pale pink in the glass with a nose of fresh red fruit such as strawberries and red cherries. Light, crisp citrusy palate with excellent balance.

6 Item(s)