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Regal Rogue Lively White Vermouth


The Story of Regal Rogue

Regal Rogue is a new world Australian vermouth, made with 100% Australian wine married with native Australian aromatics. Easy-drinking new world wine is used as the base, to produce a semi-dry style with around 30% less sugar than traditional European vermouth. Enriched with unique native Australian aromatics, these vermouths are perfect for making aperitifs and 'reverse classic' cocktails.

The provenance of Regal Rogue hinges on emerging winemakers and the Aboriginal community of Australia. The most unique element of the Regal Rogue range is the native Australia. The most unique element of the Regal Rogue range is the native Australian aromatics, sourced from Aboriginal farmers and now recognised as some of the oldest foods in the world. The wine base brings each Regal Rogue varietal to life, using the most celebrated wines from the most distinguished regions. Finally, the award-winning packaging is brought to life through the use of recycled paper to minimise the impact on the environment.

Driven by a sensory obsession, it was Mark 'Lord' Ward's legendary trip around the world to discover the spices of Asia, and the wines and native foods of Australia, that inspired the creation of Regal Rogue. A passion for the marriage of gastronomy and mixology led to the birth of something utterly unique that's winning liquid hearts with its quaffing style. A love for long lunches and alfresco soirees brings the Regal Rogue brand to life, ensuring those memorable moments are always toasted with the ultimate tipple to share with friends. 


Lively White Vermouth

Regal Rogue Lively White is bursting with citrus and floral notes, marrying a Hunter Valley Semillon with native lemon myrtle, desert limes, finger limes and native thyme, with elderflower, lemongrass, grapefruit and chamomile. This gives a full-bodied mouth of natural richness from the citrus and floral aromatics. Regal Rogue follows a natural production process with no wood interaction and finishes semi-dry with a lingering aftertaste. 



Rogue Tipples


Regal Rogue works best as the base ingredient (a wine based alternative to gin) in a three-step serve with a mixer, seasonal fruit, and herb or spice. Alternatively, it's perfect for making vermouth-led 'reverse classic' cocktails, where you use Regal Rogue as the leading ingredient, instead of the spirit, for a more rounded, less punchy, classic cocktail. 

We'd recommend enjoying it neat over ice with a citrus wedge, or as an aperitif with Fever-Tree Elderflower tonic water, a lemon wedge, and a sprig of rosemary.