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The single most effective way to improve your wine sales is by giving staff confidence through effective wine training. Sometimes wine training can come across as complicated or stiff - we don’t think it needs to be like this. Whatever training we do for you – for beginner, intermediate or advanced - we try to make our sessions likely, engaging, informative and fun. We have a range of training solutions to suit the needs of each and every outlet. Many of our courses are bespoke and tailored to your business.

  • Training options

    Which training package would be perfect for your organisation?

    Answer these simple questions and we will find the correct training solution to your needs.

  • Question 1 of 5

    The number of employees selling wine where i work is?

    Less than 3
    More than 5
    More than 10
  • Question 2 of 5

    The venue is ...

    Wet led (sells more drink than food)
    Food led (focus is on food)
  • Question 3 of 5

    Most of my customers ...

    Know a little about wine
    Know a lot about wine
    Know very little about wine
  • Question 4 of 5

    I would describe my own level of wine knowledge as

    Non–existent, but keen to learn
    Low, but growing
    Intermediate – I can name or describe some wine types and regions
    Quite high – I take an active interest in wine and enjoy learning more
  • Question 5 of 5

    I want to learn more about wine

    Because I find it interesting and would like to have more knowledge
    To help me sell better wines to my customers – I’m not especially into wine myself
    To make me a more valuable member of staff
    To enable me to make better choices about which wines to put on my wine list
    All of the above!
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Let the knowledge flow

We believe training and sharing expertise is essential for the good of the sector.

That’s why we’re an Approved Programme Provider for the WSET, our training team run Level One and Level Two courses. Taking our responsibility seriously, we were the first distributor in the UK to be awarded WSET Global Educator of the Year in January 2014. It’s testament to the continued investment we place in training individuals in the on-trade. And why our pass rate is well above the global average, at 96%.


We have an unrivalled ability to advise and enthuse our customers on this diverse, growing and exciting category:

• WSET accredited training available for key team members
• Our Head of Advocacy and other industry experts
• Operational training that encourages up-sell and advises understanding on
cost management
• Category seminars focusing on emerging trends


Our “Serving Wine with Confidence” course is used to inspire, engage and build confidence in those who work with our superb wines. An interactive style of training that includes:

• Service skills
• Wine tasting
• Approachable consumer language
• Recommendation for food and wine matching
• Confidence to help sell premium wines

We also are accredited to deliver WSET training in-house.