The Unstoppable Rise - Our Definitive Organic, Vegan and Biodynamic List

It’s not all nature corridors, happy bees, socks & sandals and off-piste wines; we’re seeing these trends become more mainstream as customers call for increased transparency. Trust is key, and so is information. The processes which produce everything we eat and drink are under ever more scrutiny, which allows you and your customers to make informed choices to suit a range of ethical and lifestyle choices.

A big part of this movement has been the growing awareness of organic farming methods, and an increasing availability of products labelled as Organic. A report by the Soil Association has suggested that the UK organic market grew by 5.3% in 2018 and is now worth £2.33 billion. The numbers play out: a 2018 survey by the IWSR suggested organic wine consumption increased by 70% between 2012 and 2017. Crucially, consumers may be willing to accept that these standards come at a premium: the same study suggested that UK consumers may be willing to pay 38% more for a bottle of organic wine than for a bottle of non-organic wine.

Biodynamics is a whole other, pretty fascinating, story…what ‘Biodynamic’ means when seen on a label, and how it differs from Organic. Like organics, it is purely about the vineyard, and at its foundation it must meet the organic standards. However, it is turbo-charged by the incorporation of a set of ideas from the Austrian philosopher Rudolf Steiner. Its methods can seem curious, such as using the lunar calendar to plan vineyard activities, and, famously, using preparations such as cow manure fermented in a cow horn buried over winter instead of sprays and fertilisers. Rather than a set of procedures, it is a holistic view of the vineyard as a living thing, full of life forces to work with, rather than against. Like organics, certification must be provided by a governing body for a winery to label their wine a biodynamic. Whilst it has its sceptics, some of the world’s leading wineries are employing biodynamic methods to great effect.

We thought it was worth highlighting these producers and their wines, so we’ve brought these together for your perusing pleasure. Click here to download the full list and find out more about our ‘green’ heroes.