Enotria&Coe Low and No Manual

Temperance and teetotalism are here to stay, and we want to help you cut through the noise, to bring together a Low and No menu that will delight your customers.

Over the past 12 months there has been an explosion of new products on the market – spanning a range of styles and guises – and there are now options for every taste and occasion, as the quality of available products has soared. Keeping up to speed with this category can be challenging, as the marketplace is unrecognisable compared to a couple of years ago. Innovation is king, but so are flavour and quality.

Seedlip revolutionised Low and No perceptions and challenged trade and consumer thinking around what this movement could mean for our industry. The success of this brand inspired others to think outside of the box and break with convention, filling a void that was previously unoccupied, and growing the category beyond what anyone thought might be possible!

Here at E&C, we think that Low and No is one of the most exciting categories in the world of drinks. It’s subject to a high level of innovation and experimentation, with products and producers pushing boundaries at the premium end of the market.

We’ve brought together insight, brands and unique serves that will hopefully provide you with inspiration and food for thought. The E&C Low & No report and serve manual is altogether inspiring and practical: download it here and happy reading / mixing / sipping…

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