Deliveries - FAQs


When will I get my delivery? 

Our vans deliver to different areas within the UK every day. On opening an account with us, we'll specify when our vans will be in your area, and can deliver to you. As long as your order is placed before our cut-off time the day before, we will deliver to you on your set days (please note: customers in Scotland must place their order 48 hours before delivery).


Can I request a delivery at a specific time?

You have the option to set up a 3 hour time window for all deliveries. This can be permanent, or adjusted per delivery if you request.

Unfortunately, we will not be able to guarantee deliveries within a smaller time window than this.


What changes will there be over holiday periods? 

We aim to avoid disrupting our customers' schedules as much as possible, but any unavoidable changes to regular delivery services and cut-off times will be communicated to all customers at least two weeks before any holiday period. We will also advertise any alterations to our normal schedules on our website.


I need my delivery sent to a new address - how can I do this?

For invoicing purposes, we will need to set this address up permanently on your account. Please email [email protected], stating the new address. You will be informed as soon as you are able to place an order for delivery there.


I have received items I did not order.

If your delivery contains items that were not on your original order, please send them back with our delivery driver and ensure this is marked on the delivery note. We will ensure your account is not charged for the items. 




How much is delivery? 

Currently, there is no charge for any of our standard delivery services. In occasions where our customers request emergency deliveries and Enotria&Coe are not liable, we may have to use a third party courier service, which will incur an extra charge. We will let you know the amount before confirming the order.


I won't be in when my delivery arrives - is this a problem?

All deliveries made by Enotria&Coe need to be signed for, so we do ask all customers to alter their delivery window times in advance if possible, to work around their schedules. Alternatively, please ensure another member of staff is on-site and has permission to sign for your delivery.

If you have missed your delivery, please call Customer Services to arrange re-delivery. Please note that this will normally be on the next available delivery day; if you require the delivery any sooner than that, we may have to use a third party courier which will incur extra charges.


Where is my delivery?

We take care to route all our customers' deliveries in the time windows specified, but in very rare cases, circumstances beyond our control can affect the timings of our drivers' routes. Where possible we will always call ahead to let you know of delays. If you have not heard from us and your delivery is late, please call Customer Services on 020 8961 5161. Our systems are equipped to view the location of the majority of our drivers, so we will be able to give you an update on what time your delivery should arrive.


I have been delivered broken or faulty products.

On the rare occasion where your delivery is damaged upon arrival, we will refund you for all affected products and organise a re-delivery. Please ask your delivery driver to record all damaged stock on the delivery note whilst checking products off. Your account will be reimbursed automatically upon the driver's return to the warehouse.

Alternatively, if you do not notice the damage during delivery, please contact Customer Services at [email protected], with an attached photo of the affected products. We ask that all complaints are logged with us within 48 hours of you receiving the delivery.