Operational &
Fleet Guidelines.

At E&C we have taken a range of measures in line with Government Guidelines and best practice in order ensure that we can continue to provide you with a delivered service throughout the COVID-19 outbreak & return to normal trading.


A range of steps have been taken to ensure we are complying with guidelines and working to ensure the safety & wellbeing of our operational team, these include:

• Separated shift patterns including start / finish & travel to work measures
• Daily pre & post shift clean down and sanitisation of all operational machinery
• Weekly deep clean of all machinery
• 1-2-1 assignment of machinery to operatives reducing the risk of cross contamination
• Segregated break times and rest areas with daily cleaning of all communal areas
• Social distancing applied to work stations and operational areas
• Signage highlighting best practice throughout the facility
• Hand sanitizer and PPE available for all operatives

Transport & Fleet:
Once orders have been picked a further range of measures are in place to help protect our drivers and customers through to the point of delivery and invoice:

• Vehicle loading, drivers to remain in vehicles while stocks are loaded / vehicles pre-loaded & checked
• All drivers have required PPE (masks / gloves / sanitizer)
• Dedicated vehicle per driver to reduce risk of cross contamination
• Paperless deliveries, all customers to receive an electronic note of order confirmation ahead of delivery
• Contactless delivery, Proof of Delivery captured using our Flexipod system, with driver signature, delivery photo confirmation and geographical tagging to the Electronic Proof of Delivery
• We will continue to accommodate customer requests at the point of delivery where possible within the social distancing guidelines. Please highlight requirements at the point of placing your order, for example identifying a safe place to drop stock.

We want to continue to work with and support our customers through their return to trading and will collaborate with you to meet your needs wherever possible while ensuring the safety of our staff.

If you have specific requests or would like to discuss these measures further please contact our customer services team at customerservices@enotriacoe.com