Three Spirit Social Elixir 50cl

Three Spirit Social Elixir
  • Item #G90351NV
  • 50cl
  • 0.00 %
  • Great Britain
  • Berkshire
  • NV
  • Tasting Note: Three Spirit sits somewhere between amaro, Benedictine, Coca-cola, and extra-aged spirits; bittersweet, earthy and spiced.
  • Unique Selling Point: A versatile, plant-based, alcohol-free, social elixir for a happier, healthier more connected night out.
  • Production Method: A water based maceration of 11 ingredients that has been fermented, infused and extracted: Lions Mane, Cacao, Damiana, Caraway, Tulsi, Yerba Mate, Green Tea, Passionflower, Agave, Molasses and Coconut vinegar. Once macerated all the ingredients, B vitamins for added function and caramelised apple juice which we use to help with colour but not for flavour or function, are added to the liquid and Potassium sorbate as preservative.
  • Awards and Press News: and
  • Group: Alcohol Free
  • Region: Berkshire
  • Producer/Brand: Three Spirit
  • Closure: Screw cap
  • Vegetarian: Yes
  • Vegan: Yes
  • Organic: No
  • Biodynamic: No

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