OTO CBD Bitters 10cl

CBD Bitters
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  • 10cl
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  • Great Britain
  • NV
  • Tasting Note: This is the world’s first CBD bitters, distilled using 2,500mg of pure CBD isolate, purified water and a spiced botanical blend. The rich blend of Himalayan botanical extracts, including bergamot, bitter orange, liquorice, lemongrass, cacao and cardamom, all have their respective health benefits and help the bio-availability of CBD into the body. With its rich aroma and layered flavour, this bitters creates a new floral dimension of flavour to a drink, whilst also have great function on the body.
  • Unique Selling Point: The world's first CBD bitters.
  • Production Method: The unique creation and curation process of extracting the pure CBD isolate from the hemp plant using CO2 is known as otosynthesis. The highest strength and most effective CBD on the market is blended with hand-picked botanical extracts from the Himalayas. The end product is the highest quality CBD bitters, which is entirely water-soluble and can amplify various cocktails and coffees and enhance your drinking experience.
  • Group: CBD
  • Producer/Brand: OTO CBD
  • Closure: Screw cap
  • Vegetarian: Yes
  • Vegan: Yes
  • Organic: No
  • Biodynamic: No

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