Cotswolds Single Malt Whisky 70cl

Single Malt Whisky
  • Item #E83864NV
  • 70cl
  • 46.00 %
  • Great Britain
  • Cotswolds
  • NV
  • Tasting Note: Tannin-rich malt, oils & dark sugar with lots of spice, caramelised Seville orange marmalade with hints of dark fruits & treacle. ␉␉
  • Unique Selling Point: Rich & fruity single malt whisky, aged in ex-bourbon & reconditioned red wine casks. ␉␉
  • Production Method: 100% of the barley used in the Cotswolds Single Malt Whisky is grown locally, giving the distillery a close relationship with their farmers & ensuring that the spirit is very much a product of the land that produced it. Unusually, all the barley is then floor malted at Warminster Maltings – a traditional, unhurried practice rarely used for the entirety of a distillery’s malt requirements. The distillery mashes 0.5 tonnes of malted barley twice a day, & uses an innovative pair of yeasts & a four-day-long fermentation to maximise the production of fruity esters. The double distillation in Forsyths copper pot stills is carefully designed to extract only the cleanest, fruitiest new make spirit, which is then aged in two types of cask & married together before bottling; classic first-fill ex-Bourbon barrels & shaved, toasted & re-charred red wine barriques. ␉␉
  • Group: Other Whiskey
  • Region: Cotswolds
  • Producer/Brand: The Cotswolds Distillery
  • Closure: Synthetic Cork
  • Vegetarian: Yes
  • Vegan: No
  • Organic: No
  • Biodynamic: No

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