Dry White
  • Item #E85801NV
  • 75cl
  • 12.00 %
  • South Africa
  • Western Cape
  • NV
  • White, Crisp, Dry and Refreshing
  • Tasting Note: Savoury, bone-dry white blend with a nutty flavour that blends almonds and walnuts and a refreshing saline note on the finish.
  • Food Matching: Excellent match for summer salads and shellfish.
  • Vineyard: This blend makes up around 15% of the vineyard, and these vines are interplanted with all the Chenin Blanc vines. The varieties are predominantly 60-65% Palomino (or Fransdruif to the locals) and around 20-25% Bielies. Bielies is the local name for a variety that is actually called Chenel, which is a South African crossing of Chenin Blanc and Ugni Blanc, thus quite a neutral variety, and something most people even in SA have never heard of. Furthermore there are small percentages of Muscat d’Alexandrie and Sauvignon Blanc also in the blend.
  • Vinification: The wine is a blend of 50% 2016 and 50% 2017 vintages. There were only 3 barrels or 900L of the 2016, which was fermented in barrel and left for one year. There was slightly more of the 2017 vintage, with 1000L in tank and 3 barrels. The 2017 juice from the tank was blended with the 2016 juice from the barrel just after the 2017 harvest, before being bottled in April 2017. This wine had just one filtration, and no fining or stabilising agents were added, so a harmless sediment might form in some bottles.
  • Group: Still Wine
  • Color: White
  • Primary Grape: Chenin Blanc
  • Region: Western Cape
  • Producer/Brand: Fram
  • Closure: Diam
  • Vegetarian: Yes
  • Vegan: Yes
  • Organic: No
  • Biodynamic: No
  • Acidity (g/L Tartaric): 5.5
  • Residual Sugar (g/L): 1.4
  • Grapes: Grape Palomino 65 ; Grape Chenel 20 ; Grape Sauvignon Blanc 10 ; Grape Muscat 5

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