Knowledge Sharing 2023

Enotria&Coe Principles

Since late last year, we’ve delved into the history of the business to help us find what Enotria&Coe stands for and what’s important to us. We now have a clear, simple view of what we are focused on going forward, concentrating on our core strengths of inspiring wines, premium spirits, and great customer service, especially in meeting customers’ needs on time and in full.

Central to delivering operational excellence in 2024 is our commitment to continual improvement across all areas of the business, with everyone required to play their part. Enotria&Coe’s everyday mission is to care for our customers, producers, and employees, enabling us to build strong long-term working relationships.

To help keep us focused on achieving our goals, we have established 4 strategic principles, which help support us on the pathway to our Vision. Interestingly, these almost replicate those which Enotria was founded on back in 1972.

The Enotria&Coe Principles are:


Quality in everything we do

We want to be the best choice for what we do


Great relationships at every level

We want to be the best choice for how we act


Admired wines and spirits portfolio

We want to be the best choice for our portfolio


Excellence in supply

We want to be the best choice for our service