El Perseguidor Malbec, Terroir Sonoro


In Terroir Sonoro's own words, El Perseguidor is a representation of the depths of their convictions- their beliefs in deep roots, the genetic and immaterial richness of Chile's viticultural heritage, and the effects of music within winemaking.

Crafted from the ancient grape varietal San Rosendo Malbec, El Perseguidor's fruit is harvested from vines over 100 years old, that were only recently discovered in Itata and BioBio. The resulting uniqueness and inherent quality are evident. Deep, dense layers of rich black fruits and spice dance on a silky palate, upheld by a complexity reminiscent of fallen leaves and cavendish tobacco.


Wine Factfile

Grapes 100% Malbec                      Flavours: Black fruits & tobacco

ABV : 14%                                                PairingBarbecued lamb

Region : BioBio Valley                                                        


Ancient vines and varietals aside, it is Terroir Sonoro's experimental methods of mingling music and winemaking that make them stand out. Headed up by winemaker Juan Ledesma - an erudite, artistic soul and jazz musician - the winery develops a musical 'character' for each wine they produce. The aim is to encapsulate the personality, terroir and characteristics of the product - something of a musical tasting note. These concepts are passed onto professional musicians who record improvised pieces which, when passed back to the winery, are played in barrel whilst the wine is ageing - a combination of the science of using sound waves to mimic batonnage, with Ledesma's own emotional ties to the jazz music he loves.







Two pieces were composed for the El Perseguiodr Malbec, 'Gipsy Malbec' and 'Chasing in AM'. To listen to these for yourselves, click on the link below.

Terroir Sonoro on Soundcloud


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