Our Experts: Andrew Gale (Director of Technical & Sustainability)

Can you tell us a little bit about your achievements as a team in 2023?

2023 has been a really busy year with a focus on delivering a best-in-class Quality Management System that would help us drive sales with existing customers and win new business.

In December we were awarded the highest ‘AA Grade’ BRCGS certification after a 2 day audit against the Global Standard for Agents and Brokers. BRCGS (Brand Reputation Global Standard) certification is considered by many of our retail and food service customers to be an essential requirement and to demonstrate a supplier’s commitment to product safety, quality, authenticity, and legality. The Technical team also just completed their Morrisons A&B audit, conducted remotely by FSSI. They achieved a provisional GREEN result, the highest possible, with only one minor non-conformance raised. This was another great result demonstrating the continued improvements that have been made since the last audit in 2021. These results were backed up by top grades in subsequent audits by M&S and OF&G (our organic certification body). A special thank you to Andreia Dias and Hannah Loofe, who worked so hard to deliver this great result.

In today's competitive landscape, compliance with quality and safety standards is not just a choice, it's a necessity for any business to excel and thrive. This is a fantastic result for the entire team, as well as for the producers who have supported us throughout the eighteen months process. This provides us with a great foundation on which to build an industry-leading quality culture and enhance Enotria&Coe’s reputation for best-in-class technical management.

CEO, Julian Momen, commented: “Enotria&Coe are incredibly proud to have attained such an important distinction in support of what we are aiming to achieve in our quality standards. There were many people inside and outside of the business who enabled this to happen, and I thank them all for their commitment and hard work in getting us to our BRCGS Certification. This is the highest level we could have hoped for.”

How did you become Director of Sustainability?

Technical and Sustainability have always gone hand in hand for me. I first became aware of the link when managing a Value Chain project for wine at Tesco, which culminated in me chairing an industry group that delivered lightweight wine bottles into the UK and increased bulk importation and UK filling. This contributed a CO2 saving of over 28,300 tonnes per annum. Since this, I wanted to become involved in Sustainability at Enotria and I am proud of our commitments and achievements thus far.

What does the year ahead look like for Technical and Sustainability at Enotria?

We want to maintain our certification and continue to build on the great work already done. I am looking forward to the launch of our new Product Information management system (PIM) in February that will step change the way we manage and report on product data. Beyond this, I strive to continue to take a leading role on sustainability, sharing best practice with producers and driving our sustainability agenda to create a competitive advantage.