Our Experts: Dino Seetaram (Head of Operations, Changes & Implementations) & Amy Vance (Continuous Improvement Co-ordinator)

Since starting at Enotria, what has been your best achievement?

  • Dino Seetaram: My role at Enotria is to help our teams come together to solve problems and find ways of improving our own performance. We get involved in lots of operational and organisational changes and improvements - helping our teams to achieve these for our customers is what gets me out of bed every day. If I had to single anything out, it would be implementing our newly designed agile delivery network, developing a Continuous Improvement methodology that’s aligned to our values, and being part of Coaching Champions program.


What was your first impressions of Enotria and how have you been refocusing on ‘The Enotria Way’?

  • DS: The Superpower at the heart of Enotria&Coe is our people. Our industry has had a great number of challenges in recent times: Covid lockdowns, Supply Chain issues and the cost-of-living crisis. Despite these challenges the people at Enotria come to work wanting to make things better, to make things work. It’s what I call ‘Enotria&Coe’s Secret Sauce’. The Enotria Way is our framework of values that help our people makes things better and improve our customers’ experience. My job is to guide our teams and help them deliver using this framework.


How has it been having Amy join your team?

  • DS: Surround yourself with great people. Amy is one of those. Amy’s experience across a broad range of areas at Enotria&Coe and her passion to want to make things better really embodies what the Enotria Way is all about. Having someone like Amy onboard is making us substantially stronger, and to be able to call on her experience and creativity has been a game changer for our team. Amy is front and centre of our Continuous Improvement movement and is helping teams across the business come together to work on shared issues and initiatives.


Amy, so far what has been your experience in the team?

  • Amy Vance: Since joining the continuous improvement team, I have been running workshops to promote and teach our Continuous Improvement tools and scheduling meetings and workshops for our project managers and wider teams. Beyond this, I have been bringing our people together to acknowledge and agree our problematic areas and collectively agreeing on solutions that provide the best outcome for our customers and our people.


How have you adapted to the Enotria way of working?

  • DS: Communication and engagement are key for our company and our people. Much of what underpins the Enotria Way is collaboration, so it was really important for me and my team to communicate well and with clarity, and to really listen and understand what’s important for our customers. It’s easy to acclimate to a business that have these values at its core. Our Industry demands it and the people in it thrive because of it.


What drew you to working in a team that focuses so much on the Enotria way and Enotria’s values?

  • AV: I love collaborative working, fixing problems and creating efficient processes. These things have always really motivated me. I often find myself always looking for a better way in everything I do.


What are you most looking forward to implementing in the future here at Enotria?

  • DS: Peak is coming and much of our attention is focused on making sure we are ready and set for what will be a busy, but fun trading period. Alongside this, we are planning a number of workshops and projects about how we deliver better for our customers, including training our delivery teams, as well as making changes in our warehouse to help us better meet the demands of our customers. We are also looking at innovative ways we use the warehouse, including a project to look at how we store and look after our great Fine Wine Portfolio.


What are the most exciting changes coming up at Enotria?

  • DS: People are at the heart of this business. Helping and developing our teams by giving them the tools and agency to make things better for our customers is what excites me most. We have done lots in a short space of time, but we know we have lots to do - investing in our team is what will set us apart and will be fundamental to building a strong and trusted business.