Enotria & Cognac

Unjustly associated with cigars and overly stuffed armchairs, Cognac is swiftly gaining a new reputation for itself.  One of the producers at the heart of this burgeoning Cognac renaissance is Frapin, a family run Cognac house based in the heart of the Grande Champagne region near the village of Segonzac. Vine growers since 1270, the Frapin family hold an enviable estate covering 340 hectares, of which 240 are under vine, and forming the entire source of Frapin’s production.

A vine to bottle producer, Frapin retains control over every aspect of the process resulting in fine and superbly expressive Cognacs. Using taste and nose to distill and blend, the Cognacs are produced by hand without standard recipes or computer control. It is this attention to detail, combined with the use of fine raw materials, which has led Frapin Cognacs to be renowned worldwide for their depth and complexity.

Offering notable parallels with whisky, the growing interest in Cognac from small artisan producers is perhaps due to the wealth of flavours and characteristics that emanate directly from the location in which the Cognacs are grown and aged.

What’s On Offer

Cognac Frapin – 1270

Flavour Profile: Harmonious, round, balanced

Key Flavours: A nose of vine and lime blossom with a hint of vanilla. Fruity and fresh on the palate. A quintessential Frapin

Commemorating the year that the Frapin family established themselves as vine growers in the region and the newest addition to the Frapin range, 1270 is reflective of the family’s estate and their ethos regarding production.

Aged in Limousin oak, initially for 6 months in ‘new’ casks, which are classified as up to 5 years old at Frapin, and then moved to older casks for the rest of the ageing process, 1270 is an average of 5 to 6 years old. The barrels are stored in ground level humid cellars where alcohol evaporates more quickly than water and creates rounded and fruity Cognacs.


- San Francisco World Spirits Competition 2019 (US) Double Gold

- Ultimate Spirits Challenge 2019 (US) 91/100 “Excellent”

- Bartenders Brand Awards 2018 (UK) Trophy

- Gilbert & Gaillard 2018 (FR) 90/100


Cognac Frapin – VSOP

Flavour Profile: Balanced, complex

Key Flavours: A fruity grape and floral bouquet characteristic of Grande Champagne with a hint of vanilla from the oak barrels in which it has been matured

Frapin’s Cellar Master, Patrice Piveteau, describes Frapin VSOP as “a Cognac that can combine with anything at any time, as an aperitif, during a meal or after dinner.” This Cognac is golden amber in colour with an average age 10 years.


- Cognac Masters 2019 (UK) Gold Medal

- ISW 2019 (DE) Gold Medal

- International Spirits Challenge 2018 (UK) Gold Medal

- Cognac Masters 2017 (UK) Gold Medal

- Cognac Masters 2016 (UK) Master

- Ultimate Spirits Challenge 2017 (USA) 97/100 Great Value

- World Cognac Awards 2016 (UK) World’s Best VSOP


Cognac Frapin – Fontpinot XO

Flavour Profile: Subtle, complex

Key Flavours: A bouquet of candied fruit aromas with notes of port and the famous “rancio” alongside notes of hawthorn and wild flowers. On the palate, the vanilla-flavoured tannins of the wood develop generously and support aromas of candied fruit, such as apricot and orange

With an average age of 20 years, this X.O. Cognac is the result of long ageing, mostly in dry cellars, which gives this bottle its particular flavour.


- International Spirits Challenge 2018 Gold

- Ultimate Spirits Challenge 2019 (US) 95/100 “Extraordinary”

- The Cognac Masters 2019 (UK) Master

- San Francisco World Spirits Competition 2019 (US) Gold medal

- International Spirits Challenge 2018 (UK) Trophy Best XO / Gold medal

- ISW 2018 (DE) Trophy Best Cognac

- The Cognac Masters 2018 (UK) Master

- World Cognac Awards 2017 (UK) Gold medal


Cognac Frapin – XO VIP

Flavour profile: Sophisticated and complex with a depth that retains fresh fruit flavours

Key Flavours: Chocolate notes, dried fruit, candied fruit and gingerbread

A very old Champagne Cognac distilled over lees and enriched with brandies with an average age 30 years, the X.O. V.I.P. is an aged Champagne Cognac distilled over lees. Described by Frapin’s Cellar Master, Patrice Piveteau, as a rich, complex and evolving Cognac in which everyone will find their own aromatic references”, this Cognac brings together roundness, bouquet and finesse.


- Cognac Masters 2019 (UK) Gold Medal

- Gilbert & Gaillard 2017 (FR) 96/100

- World Cognac Awards 2017 (UK) Gold Medal

- Ultimate Spirits Challenge 2016 (USA) 93/100 Great Value

- IWSC 2016 UK Gold Outstanding


Cognac Frapin – 15 Years

Flavour Profile: Round and supple with finesse and elegance

Key Flavours: Aromatically complex with notes of freshly cut wood, vanilla and black tea evolving to dried flowers. Flavours of dried fruits and toast on the palate. A lingering finish with touches of spice

Released in 2019, Frapin 15 Years Old is a limited edition Cognac. A more ‘robust’ Cognac, it is a new innovation from Frapin, being their only XO to be blended from eaux de vies sourced from both the humid and dry cellars, bottled at cask strength, and non chill-filtered.


- Gilbert & Gaillard: 93/100


Cognac Frapin – Multimillésime No. 7 1989 - 1991 - 1993

Flavour Profile: Aromatic finesse and complexity with a long finish

Key Flavours: Lime aromas with candied fruit on the palate followed by notes of vanilla

The latest limited release from Frapin’s Trésor du Château collection, cellar master Patrice Piveteau has combined three single vintage eaux de vies which exemplify Frapin’s unique terroir and commitment to the family’s ancient expertise. Multimillésime is a concept that was created by Cognac Frapin.


- Gilbert & Gaillard: 98/100