2018 Vintage Report


Do you ever think about the journey a bottle of wine has made before it ends up in your hands?

Here at Enotria&Coe we certainly do. From the moment vines are planted to the time a bottle of wine is stocked on the shelf at your local store or restaurant, there are myriad different processes. Integral to this is the harvest period when, after months of care and cultivation, grapes are finally plucked from the vine and begin their evolution into wine. For winemakers and staff throughout a winery, harvest is a time full of extremes and emotions. The days are long and the work demanding. While plenty of trendy tools have been developed over the years to help winemakers minimise the merciless effects of
Mother Nature, when it all boils down there is only so much that can be done before throwing caution to the wind and embracing whatever may lie ahead.

To celebrate this incredibly wonderful time in the winemaking journey, and the people who make it happen, we’ve asked some of our producers to share their stories from this year’s harvest season.

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