New liqueur from Audemus Spirits


Over the last few years we’ve our love affair has grown with Pink Pepper, the aromatically bold and complex flagship gin from Audemus Spirits, and now delighted to welcome their exclusive new release into our portfolio.


Covert liqueur was born from a desire to bring the fragrant warmth and complexity of three ingredients together in a chord of liquid harmony. Using three simple ingredients – fig leaves, spring honey and cognac – the team has captured the flavour in essence which is at once evocative, suave and richly perfumed.


Fig trees grow abundantly in the Cognac region of France – adorning the edges of vineyards, sporadically appearing in wild fields and taking pride of place in private gardens. At the start of springtime, fig trees plump their leaves with an aromatic sap, becoming richly green in colour and flavour, whilst wafting irresistible, heavy, sweet aromas of fruit and sun-roasted leaf.


Wanting to translate this aroma into flavour, Audemus Spirits harvest the fig leaves during the brief period where they are at their most aromatic. They’re then dried in the open air, lightly roasted at the local boulangerie, and finally transformed into this bright liqueur after adding just the two other aromatic ingredients, and a small amount of cane sugar to balance the sweetness.


On the nose Covert has a deep musky aroma, balanced with the brightness of fruit, while on the palate it has notes of jammed figs, countered with dry tones of grilled almonds and rye. The aroma of honey lingers, contrasted with a teasing bitterness on the tongue.


We like to keep things simple, so our favourite way to enjoy Covert is a served as a digestif, neat or on ice. Otherwise, the liqueur is a great staple for an aperitif – 15ml Covert Liqueur, 10ml Cocchi Americano, and 20ml Martell Cordon Bleu, stirred over ice and served with a twisted zest of lemon.


If you like the sound of this new and exclusive liqueur, then please get in touch with your Account Manager for more information.