Producer Profile: Susana Balbo

Introduction to Susana Balbo

Susana Balbo is a true family run winery, whose range offers a premium expression of Argentinian wines. Often described as an Old-World-meets-New-World approach to winemaking, Susana has a remarkable sensitivity for terroir, combined with pioneering techniques. Besides redefining what we can expect from Malbec, Susana is known as the ‘Queen of Torrontés’.

If this weren’t enough, Susana Balbo has an awe-inspiring CV: Susana was Argentina’s first woman winemaker. She is a prolific figure in Argentina, having served as National Congresswoman for the province of Mendoza in 2015, and having been voted President of Wines of Argentina for three terms. The Drinks Business named her Woman of the Year in 2015, and Tim Atkin named her Winemaking Legend in 2020. Susana is a tireless activist for women entrepreneurs, having been a founding member of Argentina’s branch of the International Women’s Forum, and serving as chair of the Women’s 20 (a working group of the G20).

Celebrating 25 years

This year, the winery celebrates a story of courage, unbreakable bonds and passion for quality. In a remarkable celebration of a quarter-century of winemaking excellence, Susana Balbo winery proudly commemorates its 25th anniversary. Founded by Argentina's pioneering female winemaker, Susana Balbo, the winery has become a beacon of innovation, family and community values, and unwavering commitment to quality.

The winery's courage to experiment with grape varieties, winemaking techniques, sustainable practices, and its unquestionable role in positioning Torrontés, Argentina’s native white grape variety, has not only set industry standards but has also redefined Argentina's wine landscape. Through relentless pursuit of excellence, Susana Balbo continues to produce wines that reflect a unique blend of tradition and innovation. At the heart of Susana Balbo winery is a commitment to building enduring bonds – not only with family, the dedicated team, the local community, and the environment. The winery's journey is a testament to the power of these connections, forming a strong foundation for success and resilience.

Susana and her children, José and Ana Lovaglio, together with around 100 collaborators, have shown their dedication to crafting exceptional wines extending beyond the vineyards. It is a commitment to nurturing relationships that create a sense of belonging and purpose. The winery actively engages with the local community, fostering sustainability initiatives and social responsibility.

SPOTLIGHT WINE:  K436 | Signature Barrel Fermented Torrontés 2023 | £17.82

This is one of Susana Balbo's Signature benchmark wines. It is barrel fermented and brings a subtle oak influence. Many lively fruity and floral notes are balanced with a small amount of vanilla creaminess and well-balanced crisp acidity. This wine can be paired beautifully with fish and seafood dishes or even spicy Indian and Thai cuisine.

Susana Balbo & Sustainability

Susana Balbo has embraced sustainability since their very beginning, aligned with the international regulations. Susana and her entire team strongly believe in preserving our environment and protecting our planet for the generations to come.

The People

Susana Balbo promote the development of their team members, clients, suppliers and community through gender equality, good health, well-being, fair prices for producers and timely payment to suppliers. The following are some ways in which they do so:

  • Pink October campaign
  • Donations and community support
  • Employment and support for entrepreneurs and producers
  • Education
  • In-house physician
  • Nutritionist
  • Monthly healthy food basket

The Environment

They preserve natural resources for current and future generations through responsible management of exhaustible resources, correct waste management, organic vineyard management and organic and natural products. For example:

  • Sustainable and organic viticulture
  • Organic and natural products
  • Energy use awareness, reduction and saving
  • Recycling of water, wood, cardboard, paper, glass and nylon
  • Carbon footprint reduction in our e-commerce shipments

The Business

As a business, they promote sustained economic growth through a responsible supply chain, an ethical business, full and productive employment, decent work for all, innovation and sustainable consumption. Ways in which they do this include:

  • Quality management: food safety
  • Purchase transparency
  • Accounting transparency
  • Wine in Moderation
  • Forest Stewardship Council

SPOTLIGHT WINES: Raise a glass of one of these to celebrate 25 years

As Susana Balbo Winery raises a glass to 25 years of achievements, here at Enotria we asked our team what wines they think standout from this impressive range. So without further ado, check out our staff picks:

K421 | Susana Balbo Crios Torrontes 2023 | £11.87

Selected by Paul Milne, Regional Lead – South East

“This just jumps out of the glass and screams drink me. Ditch the Sauvignon Blanc and get involved with this joyous, well priced wine that over delivers on quality!”

L390 | Susana Balbo Signature White Blend 2022 | £17.82

Selected by Sophie Caley, Senior Brand Manager

“Prepare to fall in love with Torrontes! This stunning aromatic white blend is an artful blend of floral freshness and balanced complexity.”

K435 | Susana Balbo Signature Rosé 2022 | £18.38

Selected by Rabbi Likolo, Account Manager

“On the nose, you get a beautiful waft of fresh strawberries and then it’s got a lovely texture too. Perfect summer sipping.”

K431 | Susana Balbo Brioso Malbec 2020 | £28.53

Selected by Richard Pickles, Business Development Manager

“This Bordeaux blend combines aromas of dark berries and spice, wonderful natural acidity and an elegant finish. It will age magnificently for up to 20 years.”

K429 | BenMarco Sin Limites Malbec 2020 | £23.20

Selected by Gergely Szabo, Business Development Manager

“Elegant and dynamic, this Malbec delivers lots of freshness. It comes from a unique, quite extreme terroir, making it super ripe, with an elegant, lean body and a real crunchy fruit.”

Here's to another 25 years of courage, strong ties, and exceptional wines!