New Supplier - Bladnoch

Bladnoch Producer Profile

We are thrilled to announce our new exclusive agency spirits brand, Bladnoch. Bladnoch is a 207-year-old Scotch whisky distillery with a forward-thinking risk-taking brand that combines diverse casks in unexpected ways. It is the most southerly scotch distillery in Scotland and the oldest privately owned in the world. Their taste led philosophy has resulted in a rich portfolio of whiskies that each offer a thrilling taste experience. The softer, floral and fruity notes make it an accessible single malt and a perfect place to start to find a whisky you like. Bladnoch is often referred to as the ‘Queen of the Lowlands’ and truly defines the whisky making of the region.

Crafted in the Lowlands

  • In the 1800s Bladnoch was know as the ‘Queen of the Lowlands’, the biggest whisky producer in Scotland at the time and interestingly is a name that still stays with us today.
  • Bladnoch is one of few remaining Lowland distilleries, located beside the Bladnoch village on the banks of the River Bladnoch.
  • Bladnoch is the most southerly Scotch Distillery, sourcing water from the Bladnoch River & malt from British growers.
  • A Lowland Single Malt Scotch Whisky from start to finish. Offering the unique Lowland style with light, floral and grassy notes, making it accessible to everyone.
  • Bladnoch are not defined by a house style of whisky, which they believe makes the whisky tasting experience more interesting.



Nurtured & Protected

  • Bladnoch Whisky is respected in the industry for their pursuit of perfection & crafting whiskies with innovation. Evident in the multiple awards won.
  • Their taste-first whisky making philosophy results in a contrasting portfolio of whiskies that each offers something different.
  • Their Master Distiller, Dr Nick Savage, is dedicated to create products with the highest attention to detail. Selecting exceptional & diverse casks of which 90% is first fill!
  • Whilst they aim to create a whisky experience for all, floral & fruity is the key presence of their new make spirit. A signature of what defines a Lowlands malt, and the foundations of which they build their whiskies.
  • The scale in which Bladnoch Distillery produces Scotch Whisky allows for an immense attention to craft. Smaller scale production gives the team time to carefully craft spirit to ensure only the finest whisky is bottled.

The Lowlands & Peat

  • Famous for being lighter and fruitier in style, Lowland whiskies tend to be gentle with no peatiness. Unlike any other region, they were once all triple distilled. A great place to start ones whisky journey.
  • The Lowlands were the first to convert away from using peat and realised the potential for un-peated whisky. Many distilleries followed, but Islay, Orkney and several mainland distilleries held onto tradition.
  • Bladnoch is traditionally an unpeated distillery. However, in 2009, the Armstrong brothers produced a 100% peated spirit. Today, for only one month of every year, Bladnoch purchase peated malted barley to produce a peated New Make.
  • Unpeated spirit can be finished off in peated casks, giving subtle hints of peat



Bladnoch’s Brands

No. Name ABV %
L86864NV  Vinaya Single Malt Whisky 



Samsara Single Malt Whisky



Alinta Reserve S Malt Whisky


L87264NV  11yo Single Malt Whisky 46.7%
L87364NV  14yo Single Malt Whisky  46.7%
L87464NV 9yo Single Malt Whisky  46.7% 
L87535NV  30yo Single Malt Whisky  45.5%
L88564NV Kirkcowan Single Malt Whisky


L86464NV Pure Scot Signature Blended Whisky  40%
L86664NV Pure Scot Midnight Peat Blended Whisky  44.5%