New Supplier - Rapaura Springs

“We are incredibly excited about our new partnership with Rapaura Springs and unleashing their full potential in the UK market. Marlborough is a very important category for us and Rapaura Springs has the quality, family story and size to satisfy the entire breadth of our customer base. Their range of sub-regional and single-vineyard wines really highlight the depth of terroir and styles within Marlborough.” Emma Robinson, Enotria&Coe Buyer – New Zealand

Founded in 2007, multi-generational family-owned Rapaura Springs has built a reputation as one of New Zealand’s most awarded winemakers, with a commitment to sustainable vineyard and winemaking practices that will leave a natural legacy for future generations.

As one of New Zealand’s top 20 wineries by volume, quality is at the forefront of everything that Rapaura Springs do, shown by the multitude of high-profile accolades they have consistently received across their wine portfolio. From the Sauvignon Blanc Trophy and New Zealand Producer of the Year in the International Wine & Spirits Competition 2015, to most recently when they were awarded the top scoring Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc in the 2023 Decanter World Wine Awards.

Rapaura Springs’ Owner and Marketing Director, Brendan Neylon, believes the UK market is strategically important for the winery’s global growth aspirations: “We are extremely proud to partner with a market leader like Enotria&Coe. Their skilled team and commitment to driving the premium wine category will position us for great success in the UK market.”

Focus on Marlborough

Marlborough continues to be the powerhouse of Sauvignon Blanc. The region consists of many different sub-regions with different climates, elevations and closeness to the sea, producing varying expressions of Sauvignon Blanc. Producers in Marlborough are really wanting to tell this sub regionality and single vineyard story in the same way that Old World producers do.

Rapaura Springs has a long-standing and deep connection to Marlborough, being owned and operated by two Kiwi families: the Neylons and the Wiffins. In the early eighties, the Neylons were the first family to grow, process and export green lipped mussels from the region. Then in 1985, they bought prime vineyard land and joined forces with the Wiffins to grow orchard fruits before establishing a grapevine nursery. Since then, Rapaura Springs has put in years of hard graft and passion to develop their vineyards from the ground up, while also putting the environment at the forefront.

With land now in all Marlborough sub-regions, including Rapaura, Dillons Point, Southern Valleys, Awatere and Blind River, Rapaura Springs produce premium classic Marlborough styles of Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Noir and Pinot Gris which really over-deliver in quality. They are in a unique position to offer many single vineyard wines, so they can really highlight the sub-regional story of Marlborough.

The company takes resource management and conservation seriously, using on average 40% less water than the national average, via investment in irrigation technology and a multi-million-dollar water purification scheme that allows this precious resource to be recycled. Continued investment is made in regenerative viticulture management, including composting grape marc, planting cover crops and grazing sheep to replenish the land and sustain future vintages.

Rapaura Springs’ wines

L812 | Reserve Sauvignon Blanc 2023 £13.38 per bottle ex VAT Duty Paid List Price

L813 | Reserve Pinot Noir 2023 £16.02 per bottle ex VAT Duty Paid List Price

L810 | Dillons Point Sauvignon Blanc £14.93 per bottle ex VAT Duty Paid List Price

L918 | Bouldevines Vineyard Chardonnay £18.96 per bottle ex VAT Duty Paid List Price

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