Producer profile: Quinta do Crasto

Why Quinta do Crasto?

Quinta do Crasto is widely regarded as the finest estate producing red wine in Portugal. Their mission is to infuse Crasto’s history, tradition and passion for the Douro region in each bottle of wine produced, in a responsible, sustainable and inspiring way.

Quinta do Crasto strives to be recognised across the world as one of the main references in the Douro Demarcated Region. They continue to thrive for excellence and authenticity in both their products and their wine tourism with a continued focus on social, cultural, and environmental responsibility. The passion for their wines comes with integrity and honesty about honouring their history, working hard in the present and anticipating a bright future.


Quinta do Crasto has been in the family of Leonor and Jorge Roquette for more than a century, after being purchased by Constantino de Almeida, the founder of the famous Constantino Port house. However, like other celebrated Douro estates, Quinta do Crasto has history routed back to the Roman Empire, with its name, Crasto, stemming from the Latin meaning “Roman fort”.

The estate itself covers 135 hectares of predominantly southern-facing slopes, extending from the banks of the river up to an altitude of nearly 600 metres. The vineyards make up 75 hectares of this land, planted mostly on terraces carved from schist, the characteristic slate-like bedrock of the Douro that allows vine roots to penetrate deep into the ground in search of water.

Not so obvious, but in a visionary and courageous move, was Quinta do Crasto’s Douro Superior project. They started developing this new property in 2000, when Jorge Roquette had the opportunity to purchase 35 hectares of land in the Upper Douro. At the time nothing was planted in that part of the Douro and all anyone could see was almond and olive trees and many rocks.

This new site which started with a small project of land and a small vertical vineyard, has turned today into one of the biggest properties in the Douro.

Cult Wines

Crasto’s Vinha Maria Teresa and Vinha da Ponte have earnt a cult status to become two of the most sought-after, highly-rated wines in Portugal. Vinha Maria Teresa and Vinha da Ponte are two of Quinta do Crasto's most iconic brands and have garnered applause from connoisseurs and critics from all over the world. Vinha da Ponte received an incredible score of 97 points from Robert Parker Wine Advocate and Wine Spectator. Vinha Maria Teresa received an outstanding 20 points from Grandes Escolhas, the highest score, and 98 points from Robert Parker Wine Advocate.



Hot on its heels though are the stunning Tinta Roriz, Touriga Nacional and Touriga Franca. These single varietal wines are premium wines produced exclusively with grapes of the respective variety and that are only bottled in years of exceptional quality, when the grape achieves its full potential and can showcase the identity of the variety.

Tinta Roriz has consistently been rated above 95 points by the Wine Advocate for the past 4 releases. It is a challenging grape variety from an oenological point of view. In those years when climatic conditions prevent the appropriate maturation of Tinta Roriz, the standards of excellence set by the Quinta do Crasto Oenology team cannot be met, and this single varietal is not produced. Happily, the last nine years have permitted the vineyard to consistently bottle Quinta do Crasto Tinta Roriz.

Touriga Nacional is a notable Douro Valley grape. It is a very fresh variety that brings vivacity to this very hot region. In addition to freshness, Touriga Nacional has a distinctive aroma marked by notes of violet. Quinta do Crasto Touriga Nacional also has a slight hint of mint that further enhances the natural freshness of the grape.

Single-varietal Touriga Franca wines are rarely found. However, this is an emblematic Douro grape that is well adapted to the viticultural characteristics of the region and highly interesting oenologically speaking. It is a reliable variety that has the great virtue of producing low levels of alcohol in spite of the heat in a region such as the Douro.


Not to be forgotten though are the rest of Crasto’s range, which offer incredibly quality for the price and an ability to suit any customer’s price points. Owner, Jorge Roquette’s winemaking expertise is clear to see in these wines, which are also approachable and accessible.

With still reds, whites, rosés and fortified wines, Quinta do Crasto has a wine to suit every wine list.

Award-winning Estate

In 2023, for the 5th consecutive year, Quinta do Crasto featured in the Top 20 of the World’s Best Vineyards. Awarded 15th place in the 2023 edition, they are once again leading the ranks of Portuguese wineries.

“Quinta do Crasto not only has some of the most breath-taking views in the beautiful Douro Valley, but it has mastered the art of making red Douro table wine a thing of beauty, while many of its neighbours continue to overcomplicate and over-oak the stuff.” Oz Clarke

Please see below a list of Quinta do Crasto wines with 2024 bottle prices:

No. Wine Vintage ABV Bottle price
63746122 Douro White 2022 12% £12.16
E9626122 Douro Rosé 2022 12.5% £12.16
22080620 Douro Red 2020  14.5% £6.71
A9366122 Douro Superior White 2022 12.5% £15.98
K5966121 Crasto Altitude  430 2021 12.5% £15.98
83006120 Douro Superior Red 2020 14% £15.60
H2426121 Flor de Crasto Red 2021 13% £9.94
H2436122 Flor de Crasto White 2022 14.5% £9.94
82996120 Roquette and Cazes Douro Tinto 2020 14.5% £19.51
27956121 Douro Old Vines Reserva 2021 14.5% £27.83
G9776219 Touriga Franca 2019 14.5% £43.58
30696219 Touriga Nacional 2019 14.5% £43.58
34406219 Tinta Roriz 2019 14.5% £43.58
37046219 Vinha Maria Teresa 2019 14.5% £146.32
64186219 Vinha da Ponte 2019 14.5% £146.32
B4246103 Colheita Port GP 2003 14.5% £39.70
09436117 LBV Port 2017 20% £18.82
L92361NV Tawny 10  NV 20% £28.89